Who should come out of the cost of having a child?

Hello everyone, I am still the middle -aged old -fashioned chat chat.What are you talking about today?

A netizen left a message: The salary of my husband and I have always been controlled. When I was married, the parents of the two sides gave 20,000 to the meal fee.I didn’t ask much about my husband’s monthly salary, the car and the room were bought by my husband before marriage. When I got married, I did not ask to add a name. My husband had to pay 2,500 mortgages per month, 1700 car loans, salary salary, salary salary, salary salary, salary, salaryThere is almost no money left.After pregnancy, because of severe rehabilitation, I can only resign at home for delivery. For some reason, my husband has not paid for two months. Now in August, my husband asked me to take out 20,000 regularly and 10,000 for him for him.I repay the mortgage car loan, leave 10,000 for me as a hospitalization fee, but I do n’t want to get it. At present, I do n’t have a job. I have to take a child at home after production. I want to leave a guarantee for myself.I pay the fee, very entangled, what should I do?

Netizens replied: Your husband has no money after you finish your mortgage car loan. You usually want to eat a fruit.You are obviously 1+1 <1!

Netizens reply 2: Don’t move your own money.Raising children is very expensive, in case you can change at least money to eat.Or when you are hospitalized, if you need to use money, he does not give you the master. You do n’t have to look at his face.

Netizens replied to three: Poor couples, Pepsi, first take out the money for emergency!Only after getting married can you understand that life is not easy, without the before the marriage before the marriage!

Netizens reply 4: Leave 10,000 children?Who knows if there is an episode for having a child?There are not many preparations for 20,000.You should discuss with him.

Netizens replied 5: There is no guarantee for the loan after the loan is overdue. He has no money, what can you make him pay for you?Shouldn’t he help if he has difficulties?Then you might as well not get married by yourself. The mortgage interruption of the house will be recovered. At that time, you have no place to live!

Okay, let’s talk about it today!What are the opinions?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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