Who said that pregnant women can’t make up?Can the mother -in -law make up?

The problem of whether pregnancy can make up has always been a more controversial topic.Moms who usually have no such troubles may not have such troubles, but this is quite distressed about the beauty of beautiful mothers. Can you make up?

The answer is okay. Now there are many products on the market that are naturally available to pregnant women. In fact, makeup during pregnancy can not only make the mother’s mood beautiful, but also make the eyes of others more beautiful pregnant mothers.Be careful not to buy irritating cosmetics. Some pregnant mothers pay attention to the brand problems of cosmetics when makeup. In fact, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the ingredients of cosmetics. It is best to choose mild cosmetics.Some hydrating lotion is more suitable. It is best not to use whitening products during this period.

Do not perm and hair dye most of the hair dye contain chemicals, and the skin of pregnant mothers is more sensitive. After contacting the hair dye, there may be some adverse reactions, causing headache and swelling of the face, and the eyes will be damaged.In addition, cold and perm is inevitable during hair dyeing and perm.Especially after the second trimester, the hair of pregnant mothers is often fragile and easy to fall off. If cold perfection is used to make hair, it will exacerbate the hair loss.

Do not stubbornly make the endocrine of the pregnant mother because of pregnancy, the melanin precipitation increases, and the color spots are prone to occur. Some pregnant mothers make a strong makeup in order to cover up the color spots.In fact, this approach is wrong, because during this period, the skin of pregnant mothers is more sensitive. Using too much cosmetics will have a stimulating effect on the skin, causing allergic reactions, which will affect the baby.

Do not use perfume. The ingredients in perfume contain musk, and long -term use may cause miscarriage.

Do not do nails. Nail polish contains a large amount of chemical components, which is really harmful to the fetus.

As long as the pregnant mother does not touch cosmetics containing a large amount of chemical preparation ingredients, there is no problem with light makeup or skin care products without adding.Makeup does not cause children to malformation, and a large number of chemical components that cause children to be deformed. Therefore, perm hair dyeing, nails, perfume, and red lips are prohibited during pregnancy.

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