Which symptoms represent pregnancy

Female friends are eager to have a child, especially for women who are already married, the desire of a mother is stronger.If you are preparing for pregnancy, then you must really want to know when you are pregnant. When you are pregnant, your body will send some signals. Usually, more attention is actually obvious. What signals may appear in women’s pregnancy?Let’s take a look together.

1. Treatment of menstruation

The most familiar signal for everyone is menopause.Sudden discontinuations are generally reminiscent of pregnancy.

Some women may only go through some weaker symptoms, and they may not find any symptoms below before discovering the menopause.

2. I just feel "pregnant"

This symptom may be why you are reading this article now.Many women think that their intuition is very accurate.It turns out that their intuition is correct.

If you are pregnant, you will always have the following feelings: tiredness, emotional, often disgusting, dizziness; occasionally there will be stomach pain and constipation, and the number of times to go to the toilet will become more and more.Feel breast pain.

Third, the frequency of going to the bathroom increases

Another symptom of pregnancy is: you will find that you go to the bathroom more and more.The main reason is that the expansion of the uterus will cause pressure on the bladder.

If you are pregnant, kidney and bladder will secrete more liquids, so you need to frequently go to the bathroom.At the same time in the nine months after pregnancy, this phenomenon will always exist.

Four, disgusting

Another symptom is: disgusting.This symptom may appear as soon as you are pregnant.Many expectant mothers drink coffee on an empty stomach in the morning and vomit when they eat breakfast. This is what people call morning vomiting.Other expectant mothers are disgusting in the afternoon or evening, and they will vomit all day.

Five, sensitive to odor

Sensitive to odor, even if you like it, you may disgust.The taste of overwhelming, the taste of the gasoline station, the taste of chocolate, and the smell of perfume may cause you to feel nauseous, which is mainly caused by excessive estrogen in the expectant mothers.

What I mentioned above is some signals that women will appear during pregnancy. I believe everyone has already made it.When women are pregnant, there will be some special changes in their bodies, so pay more attention.

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