Which one is more suitable for people with diabetes?Glutinous corn or genetically modified food?

Corn is known as "golden grain" and is deeply loved by weight loss, fat reduction, elderly, and chronic diseases.Among a variety of staple foods, corn is very prominent, rich in protein, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and other nutrients, which are suitable for high -quality staple foods.

In the face of such food, there are also many patients with diabetes. For sweet corn and glutinous corn on the market, which one should I choose?For patients with stable blood sugar, do not worry too much. The sweet corn blood glucose production index is 55 and the blood glucose load is 7.2, which belongs to the scope of "low" and is an ideal food for the people of the diabetic.

Due to the characteristics of soft and glutinous and sweet, it is more likely to be digested and absorbed in the stomach. The blood glucose production index is 63, the blood sugar load is 16.4, which belongs to the range. That is to sayBlood glucose fluctuates greatly, you should follow the doctor’s order, eat less or choose other staple foods.

At the same time, patients with diabetes should also pay attention that although corn can be used as desserts after meals, or occasionally add meals, it does not mean that its calories are low.It can be seen from the "Chinese Food Nutrition Settings" that the sweet corn per 100 grams of sweet corn is 107 kcal, and the amount of glutinous corn per 100 grams of glutinous corn is as high as 172 kcal.

In summary, it is also recommended that you eat corn as a staple food instead of extra energy intake, which is good for your health.

Is glutinous corn a genetically modified food?The taste of glutinous corn is well received, but its reputation is always worried. If some people have heard that glutinous corn is genetically modified food, is this true?

Perhaps by now, some people have misunderstood genetically modified foods.GM food refers to food obtained by using "genetically modified biotechnology", and uses the genetically modified organism as a food or raw material processing food, collectively referred to as genetically modified food.

Before, everyone may have heard of genetically modified soybeans, so is glutinous corn a genetically modified food?

You can rest assured that whether sweet corn, glutinous corn, or extremely ordinary corn are confirmed that it is not a variety that is not cultivated through genetically modified means.

As for other real genetically modified foods, according to the relevant legal recognition, system, and standardized food safety inspection and verification, there are "migraine mandatory logos", which can be purchased.In addition, with the International Agricultural Biotechnology Application Service Organization, there are more and more foods that are currently planted in commercialized planting, and they are richer and richer.

In its advantages, it also fully reflects that genetically modified foods can reduce production costs, increase crop yield, and better resist the ability of viruses and insect pests. It will not endanger human health.

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