Which of chicken essence, chicken, chicken soup is more nutritious?3 kinds of people should not drink chicken essence

Chicken essence and chicken soup, which one is more nutritious?Who can drink chicken essence?

Chicken essence is a very common nutritional supplement. It does not have the fat of chicken soup, but it has the nutrition of chicken soup.Is chicken essence more nutritious than chicken soup?Who is suitable for drinking and who is best to avoid drinking?

Is chicken essence more nutritious than chicken soup?

Both chicken essence and chicken soup are rich in free amino acids. Both are foods of animal high -Pulin. The former has low cholesterol, and the latter has higher cholesterol and more fat.Pregnant mothers or people who are not in good spirits can drink chicken soup or chicken essence to get nutrition; but people like hypertension, gout, and kidney disease cannot drink chicken essence at will, and they need to be approved by physicians or nutritionists.

Who is the most tonic for drinking chicken soup, drinking chicken essence, and eating chicken?

In the dietary habits of the Chinese people, if there is any place where the body needs to "make up", stewed chicken soup must be the first choice; in the past agricultural era, if you meet friends and friends, someone is sick, and stew a pot of chicken soup is definitely the biggest love and care, and but also the biggest love and care, and thenModern people have no time to stew chicken soup, and give a box of chicken essence to show concern.Whether it is chicken soup or chicken essence, is it really suitable for every patient?If people who are not sick have to raise their bodies, is it good for chicken soup, or is the chicken essence good?And what is the effect of eating chicken and drinking chicken soup?

Let’s talk about the chicken first. Chicken is a good source of protein, and chicken is also the most likely to separate the fat from the lean meat. However, the chicken is the same as other meats.Only amino acids can be absorbed by the body; for patients who cannot operate normally in the gastrointestinal tract or want to quickly recover their physical strength, the effect of eating chicken supplement will be slow.

If it is stewed for a long time, the chicken soup contains many amino acids from the chicken from the chicken. The body can absorb the amino acids less effortlessly and can quickly replenish the physical strength.Stew out, of course, there are cholesterol.Therefore, if you want to stew the chicken soup to make up, it is recommended to remove the skin of the whole chicken first, otherwise it is to simmer the chicken soup and put it in the refrigerator. After the oil is solidified, remove it directly.However, it is not a person with a high cholesterol constitution, and the body will automatically regulate the synthesis of cholesterol. Therefore, stewed chicken may not go to the chicken skin first.

Is everyone suitable for drinking chicken essence?

If the cholesterol itself is too high or there is no time to stew the chicken soup, the chicken essence can be considered.The current chicken essence has been treated without cholesterol, but it does not mean that everyone is suitable for drinking.Therefore, when you want to give a chicken essence to give gifts, you should first understand whether the other person’s physical condition is suitable.The following people should pay special attention to drinking chicken essence:

1. People with hypertension

Because chicken essence is a concentrated drink for a long time, and the sodium content is relatively high. Generally, the sodium content of each bottle of chicken essence on the market is about 35-170 mg."Sodium" in "Sodium", choose products with low sodium content.

Although some studies have found that chicken essence can resist hypertension, but the research evidence in this area is not sufficient enough. Therefore, it is recommended that people with high blood pressure are limited to a bottle of chicken essence a day.

2. People with chronic kidney disease

Chicken essence contains a large amount of potassium ions. Patients with kidney disease exclude potassium ions. If people with poor kidney function, they often drink chicken essence to supplement their bodies, which may cause excessive blood potassium. In severe cases, the heartbeat will stop!Therefore, if your family or friends are patients with kidney disease, do not send them chicken essence, but will harm them.

3. People with gout or high uric acid

Chicken essence is what we call a typical "animal high -Pulin" food. In fact, it is not just chicken essence. The chicken soup and gravy soup that you stewed by your own stew contains cordin.Many people don’t know that chicken essence can’t drink, and wants to make up for the body. I didn’t expect gout to attack immediately.By the way, in addition to chicken essence, people with gout can not drink!

Now there are many chicken essence products designed for children. In fact, children are growing up to develop a balanced dietary habit. To give children a bottle of chicken essence every day, it is better to teach children to drink milk and eat more fruits and vegetables every day.Especially for small children, kidney development is not complete. If you drink chicken essence for a long time, excessive potassium ions will cause too much burden on the kidneys.

Analysis of the nutritional composition of chicken essence.

are you tired?Come on a can of chicken essence!

But then again, whether it is chicken essence or chicken soup, it must have its benefits. If there are no hypertension, kidney disease, gout, etc., the following people can send them chicken essence to supplement:

1. Mother who is breastfeeding after giving birth

Whether it is chicken soup or chicken essence, it is very helpful for the mother’s "milk". Recently, some studies have found that if the mother drinks chicken essence, it will make the quality of breast milk better. Therefore, chicken essence is a good gift for relatives and friends after giving birth.

2. People with long -term fatigue and excessive brain

Because chicken essence contains many free amino acids, it can be quickly absorbed by the human body, promote the body’s metabolism, and make the spirit better.Studies have shown that chicken essence can improve mental fatigue and help concentration of attention; therefore, office workers who use their brain for a long time or candidates who can handle examinations can drink chicken essence moderately.

Although chicken essence has its effect, whether it is ordinary or sick, you must not take the chicken essence as a source of nutrition. To be a nutritional ingredient, the nutrition of a cup of milk is definitely better than a can of chicken essence, but the chicken essence is rich in free.Amino acids are conducive to the absorption of the human body and can only be used as auxiliary foods.Basically, the efficacy of chicken essence will never be worse than chicken soup, but the flavor and love are not as good as chicken soup.

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