Which damage to the flow of drugs and abortion is smaller?How to recover fast is the key, the third point must be controlled

Artificial abortion is divided into drug abortion and surgical abortion. Generally, the abortion of people call is actually surgical abortion in artificial abortion.So which one of these two ways of abortion is smaller to the body?

The drug abortion and abortion are relatively speaking. Because the abortion does not need to perform surgery, the trauma of the body is smaller than the abortion of surgery, and there is no problem of infection during surgery.However, the situation of drug abortion and surgical abortion is different. Therefore, in actual operation, we need to balance the advantages and disadvantages according to their own conditions.

1. Different application of pregnancy weeks

The drug and Demonstration is suitable for women with the number of menstrual menstruation within 49 days, while surgical abortion is suitable for women within 14 weeks of pregnancy.If the number of menopause is more than 49 days, the choice of drug flow is likely to have an incomplete abortion due to the relatively large fetus. After that, surgery still needs to cause secondary damage to the body.

2. Different abortion methods

Divine abortion is aborted by taking picefidone and prostaglandins.First take meteroetone with antivirus, block the endogenous progesterone activity, and make the fetal sac out the ionic endometrium.Then take prostaglandins such as macolytol alcohol to promote uterine contraction, soften and open the cervix, so that the fetal sac can be discharged from the uterus.

Artificial abortion has negative pressure attraction and tong scraping. The negative pressure attraction is suitable for 10 weeks of pregnancy. The negative pressure electrical attraction method is used to attract the embryo sacs and moltic tissues in the uterus out of the palace.Piection scraping is suitable for women within 10-14 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, surgical methods combined with pliers and negative pressure attractiveness to achieve the purpose of terminating pregnancy.

The painless abortion and visible painless abortion in life are supplemented by medical methods such as anesthesia, endoscopy and other medical methods on the basis of negative pressure attraction.Success rate.

Third, risk and disadvantages

Due to the clinical application of more mature abortion drugs and prostinin in recent years, the complete abortion rate of drug abortion has reached more than 90%.But drugs and centers are not suitable for pregnant women who are ectopic and allergic to drugs.Moreover, the abortion of drugs may also lead to infection, incomplete abortion, menstrual disorders, etc. Some may even have serious complications, such as severe bleeding. If rescue is not timely, life risk may occur.Therefore, the drug flow is needed to follow the doctor’s advice in a regular hospital.

Although artificial abortion has improved pain and damage due to the improvement of medical means, artificial abortion also has its own risk -infection, menstrual disorders, and uterine perforation. If the endometrium is severely damagedIt will increase, and multiple abortion may also cause habitual abortion.

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