Whether the hair dye will cause cancer, I can’t prove this, but there are several amazing real cases

A 50 -year -old female patient that I treated two years ago, the lungs were acute intercouimated pneumonia, and the lungs were rapidly fibrosis. When I entered the wardThe more heavier, although it was treated hard, it was still impossible to stop the widening of the condition, and eventually died unfortunately.Carefully questioned the medical history family members who could not say why, but mentioned that the patient had dye hair with hair dyeing hair before the onset of the disease. After dyeing hair, he had a head and neck rash, and the symptoms of asthma cough appeared.

So is it harmful to the human body, will long -term hair dye cause lung cancer?

I believe many people have done such things like hair dyeing.There are also some elderly white -haired or men who have early Hua Hua, in order not to make themselves look too old, they will consider going to the barber shop to dye black. Because the hair grows faster, some people even buy dyeing hair once a month dyeing once a month once a month.Essence

Will hair dye causing cancer?Studies of the American Cancer Society showed that women’s use of hair dye may suffer from lymphoma.The United States found in a survey of 500 hairdressers that the chance of suffering from tumors was 6 times that of normal people, and internationally confirmed that the incidence of hair dyes and leukemia was associated internationally.Various hair dyes on the market contain a substance called phenylene amine. Phenylene amine is a coloring agent that must be used in hair dye, and it is internationally recognized as carcinogenic substances.Long -term repeated hair dye people suffer from uterine cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer, skin cancer, and leukemia.Long -term contact with phenyline may also cause chronic kidney damage.In addition, common hair dye contains heavy metal salts, and common ingules and arsenic content in hair dye are exceeded the standard. These substances belong to the first -level carcinogens.Long -term accumulation in the body will make normal cells prone to mutation.Recently, Japan’s "Dadchuang" hair dye products have been exposed to carcinogenic formaldehyde, formaldehyde has been identified as carcinogenic and teratogenic substances by the World Health Organization. It is a recognized perverted source and is one of the potential strong mutations.A American experts tested 160 popular hair dye and found that 150 of them had carcinogenic effects.For example, among the oxidized hair dye, there is a substance called 2-4 amino benzoethyl, which is most likely to accumulate in the human body and promote cell hyperplasia.Under normal circumstances, if the hair dye is used for 10 years, as long as the human skin is absorbed by 1%of the substance, it can cause cancer.

Therefore, experts recommend that hair dyeing should not be more than twice a year. Patients with hypertension, heart disease, asthma and other diseases should not be dyed. In addition, couples who are preparing to give birth, as well as pregnant women and lactating women are also not suitable for hair dyeing.

Of course, excessive hair dyeing is too frequent to the correlation with cancer. This currently there is no reliable clinical data support. The occurrence of tumors is a complex process involving genes and environmental factors. Among the many carcinogenic factors, hair dye is only among them.A small species, beauty lovers do not have to panic, do not have to be scrapped because of choking.

Talking about the real examples around me: a wife of a high school classmate opened a hairdressing shop and worked for more than four years.After half a month of comprehensive examination, it was found that lung adenocarcinoma metastasis was found, and 10 months later left the world.I dare not say that her illness must be related to occupation, but she has been in this excessive volatile and toxic substances for a long time. In an environment with high metal content, the risk of cancer must be higher than others, and the immunity during pregnancy will be immune during pregnancy.Low low, carcinogenic genes are easily activated.

There are people who love beauty. The outer beauty is just a skin, and Su Dongpo has a poem: the rough and big cloth wraps his career, and the belly has poems.It can be seen that the inner beauty is the most long -lasting.Doing things that damage health for the outer skin are lost.

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