When you encounter such "low back pain" during pregnancy, don’t drag …

Incident review

Recently, a first -right waist colic, nausea, vomiting and other discomfort on the right side of a pregnant woman.The ambulance was rushed to the fifth hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University after the ambulance.It is understood that the pregnant woman has been pregnant for more than 20 weeks. Before everything went smoothly, her body was not uncomfortable. This symptom suddenly appeared after lunch. She was afraid that her daughter -in -law would have a miscarriage, which scared the Xiao Liu (patient) family.

After excluding the possibility of obstetrics -related diseases, the experienced doctors considering that the patient may have a urology and diseases. Director Xu Guibin, the first area of the urology department of the Fifth Hospital of Guangyi, gave a consultation."Pregnancy with kidney colic."

There are two main reasons for Director Xu:

The first point is that Xiao Liu had a history of kidney stones before, and there was no thorough treatment. The second point was the obvious right kidney area.

Sure enough, under the B -ultrasound, it was confirmed to be stones on the upper ureter on the right. Under the advice of Director Xu Guibin, the patient’s ones on the right of the ureter were put in operation. The surgery did not need to be anesthetized, and the surgery time was about 8 minutes.After two days of effective treatment, the condition has improved greatly, and the fetus in the abdomen is fine.

This kind of back pain should be vigilant!

You know, the occurrence of renal colic during pregnancy is a very dangerous thing. When the kidney colic seizures, not only the pregnant woman is extremely painful, but the severe colic can also induce contraction.As a result, premature birth can endanger the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

Therefore, if there are symptoms such as low back pain, fever, urination, hematuria, nausea, and vomiting during pregnancy, we must increase their vigilance, beware of misdiagnosis, and delay the timing of surgery.

What is kidney colic during pregnancy?

With the growth of the baby during pregnancy, the uterus that gradually increases the uterus will compress the ureter to a certain extent. Then at this time, some small stones or crystals in the kidney are blocked by the discharge process.Strict pain and discomfort.

It is generally difficult to deal with patients with pregnancy with kidney colic. Dr. Xu Guibin said: One is in the aspect of image diagnosis. Most of the radioactive examinations cannot be used.It is not a universal; the second aspect is that some patients who are infected are more limited in terms of medication, because the impact of many medicines on the fetus is unclear.In the case where conservative treatment is ineffective, simple surgery can be considered -the internal hydrocrank tube of the ureteralized ureter can be used to solve it.

The blue tube in the picture is the inner pipe of the ureter, a tube that can "support the waist" for the ureter.

In simple terms, it is to put a tube from the kidneys to the bladder, which is equivalent to "supporting a piece of sky" for the pressured ureter.

The key is that this method can be completed under the tingling, and there is no effect on the impact of anesthesia drugs on the fetus; secondly, the surgery time is short, generally only 5-10 minutes.The bracket tube can be placed until the child is born. The stones can be discharged by themselves after removing the bracket tube.

How to prevent kidney colic during pregnancy?

1. It is best to be a Urinary B -ultrasound before pregnancy. For patients with urinary stones, patients should consult a doctor for treatment.

It is recommended to include: increase drinking water; rope skipping, jogging and other exercises; conservative treatment for taking medicine; even surgery.It is better to be pregnant after adjusting the whole body.

2. 1500-2000ml of water per day during pregnancy, active activity.

During pregnancy, as the uterus increases the bladder, there will be more frequent urine to the toilet, so most people may reduce drinking water and have less movement.sex.

3. Dietary suggestion: Eat less spinach, amaranth, bamboo shoots, tofu, peanuts and other alpheric acid foods; calcium supplement should be appropriate, not too much oral calcium supplementation, which can easily lead to urinary stones;

4, uncomfortable, hurry to find a doctor.

If you happen to have similar symptoms, please go to a regular hospital immediately.

Author of this article:

Xu Guibin, a doctor of medicine, a postdoctoral, chief physician, associate professor, and a master’s degree instructor

The first Guangdong Provincial Outstanding Young Medical Talent and the "Ten Ten Talent Projects" training talents in Guangdong Province, and the outstanding young teachers of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education.

Familiar with the clinical diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in the urology, and has rich clinical experience in minimally invasive treatment of urinary tumors and stones. It is especially good at minimally invasive leather kidney stone technology and ureteroscopy technology.The main research direction is the clinical and basic research of cavity and urology science, and the etiology and prevention research of urinary tumors.

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