When will the fertilized egg become a fetus? At the 12 weeks of the early pregnancy stage, this time began to be called a fetus

The first 3 months of pregnancy is called early pregnancy. At this stage, the fetus quickly changed from a cellular division into a small life from a fertilized egg, but whether the fetus was "embryo" or "tire" 12 weeks ago,Many mothers are curious, how exactly the fertilized egg develops into a fetus?

Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, it belongs to the early pregnancy stage. The early pregnancy stage is actually divided into two parts. One part is the division of the fertilized eggs. At this stage, the fertilized eggs are constantly split to prepare for the initial molding of the fetus. In the second stage, the fetus, the fetusThere are basic pedestrians, and the body is further developing.

The process of embryo becomes a fetus

On the first day, the fertilized eggs began to crack, the cell eggs were divided into 2, from 2 points to 4, 4 to 8, the entire process of oval cracks will last for 3 days. This stage is performed in the tubal.The process will gradually push the fertilized eggs to the uterus as the ovaries slowly peristals.

On the fourth day, the split speed of the fertilized eggs was accelerating, and the cells would have a maximum of 16-32. The ovation was accompanied by a mulberry embryo, and the fallopian tube would be left into the uterus.

On the fifth day, the mulberry embryo grew into a hollow blastocyst, and arrived in the uterus, and would find the right time to bed.The blastocyst is divided into the outer embryo nourishing layer and the internal cell group. In the end, the outer embryo nourishing layer will develop into a placenta and amnioxis, while the internal cell group will develop into a fetus.

On the fourteenth day, the internal cell group of the embryo forms three embryos.

The outer embryo will become nails, hair, ears, teeth and nerves.

Middle embryos can become muscles, blood vessels and kidneys.Endelas can become organ, digestive tract and respiratory tract.Subsequently, the external nourishing layer of the embryo sac will be divided into 3 parts.The choric membrane, choric membrane velvet grows into the uterine wall, forming the fetal membrane, and the fetal membrane will provide the fetus with a steady stream of nutrition.

The amniotic membrane and amniotic membrane will gradually wrap the fetus, let the fetus areolate from the outside world to protect the fetus.Before the placenta is formed, the embryo provides nutrients, and it will gradually disappear after the placenta formation.In the fifth week, a part of the end embryo will extend to the placenta and build a channel to transport nutrition for the fetus. This is the umbilical cord.

In the third week, the fetal heart began to move, jumping about 69 times per minute.

On the eighth week, the fetus has been formed, and you can clearly see the fetus’s head, body, eyes, limbs, and fingers. From this time, he is no longer an embryo, but a fetus.

Until 3 months, the fetus has been 10 cm long and weighs 30 grams.

The fetus is constantly dividing from the fertilized eggs, which only takes 8 weeks, because the pregnancy time is calculated from the last menstruation. If it is the same time, it only takes 6 weeks.The tenacious vitality made him a fetus quickly.

Entering the ninth week, the fetus was about 25 mm, the small tail of the fetus had disappeared. His neuromuscular organs began to work, his eyes began to cover his eyes, his wrist began to bend, and his two feet began to get rid of the shaped appearance.

Twelve weeks, the various organs of the fetus have begun to work, liver has begun to make hematopoietic, and a complete lungs have been formed. The kidneys began to urine to the bladder. The skull looks smoother, and the fingers and toes have been separated.

Therefore, the fetus was a fetus 3 months ago and had life.Although the body has not changed for 3 months of pregnancy, but if you feel carefully, we can feel that there is a small life in the body, and we must love to protect himself.

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