When will early pregnancy reaction start?Does the reducing pregnancy alleviated foreshadow tire stop?

Breasts suddenly tingling and swelling, itching

The "Aunt Aunt", which used to be on time, was postponed for two weeks.

The body is prone to fatigue and weakness, and often doze off

I often feel nauseous, vomiting in the morning, and often lose their appetite during eating

… …

That’s right, these are early pregnancy reactions.Many pregnant mothers will feel all kinds of discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy, especially the expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time. They do not know what’s going on with these symptoms.Next, Sister Ma takes pregnant mothers to know about early pregnancy reactions.When does the early pregnancy response generally start?

Some pregnant mothers have more or less nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite when they are pregnant, and some pregnant mothers have no reactions.If pregnant mothers have better physical fitness and psychological quality before pregnancy, there are no early pregnancy reactions, but if the diet and exercise habits are not good, and some bad emotions such as anxiety and depression occur during pregnancy.It will be heavier.For early pregnancy reactions, we should not ignore it. If discomfort occurs, go to the hospital in time.When will the early pregnancy reaction end?The vast majority of pregnant mothers will end abruptly in the 12 weeks of pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers may continue.Is the early pregnancy reaction reducing the tire stop?

Many pregnant mothers think that early pregnancy reactions are a sign of a good baby. The early pregnancy response stops when she stops. In fact, the early pregnancy reaction has no absolute correlation with embryo.Early pregnancy response stopped, maybe because it adapts to changes in hormone levels, adapts to the challenges of the body and psychology brought by pregnancy, or it may be a sign of the decline of hormone levels at the end of the embryo.Determine whether the embryo is stopped.So how to judge embryo stopping?Pregnant mothers can determine whether they need to go to the hospital to see the emergency department by observing whether they have vaginal bleeding and small stomach pain.The proportion (about 10%) will occur in embryo.Pregnant mothers also need to have a correct concept of embryo. If the quality of the embryo is not good, embryonic is inevitable.Sister Ma suggested that pregnant mothers worry about the end of the embryo all day, observe the early pregnancy response all day. Instead of doing B -ultrasound every time, it is better to sit down with peace of mind, read some pregnancy knowledge, master some healthy lifestyles, and grasp some healthy lifestyles.Use a more correct mentality to fully welcome the changes brought by the baby and pregnancy with a better lifestyle.How long does it disappear if the breast tenderness can disappear?

Pregnancy has brought changes to many pregnant mothers, the most obvious of which is breast pain.Many pregnant mothers will feel breast tenderness during early pregnancy, because during the early pregnancy, the level of hormones has changed, and the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body will make the breast develop again.If the pregnant mothers have breast tenderness, Sister Ma suggested that you change a bigger, loose, cotton bra, and be careful not to touch his breasts with external forces.About half a month or a month, you can adapt to this gradually increasing breast. The hormone level will be in a relatively stable state, and breast pain will not be so obvious.Of course, if the breast tenderness of the pregnant mothers is getting more and more obvious, and the lesions of the breast have been found before, then the breast may have a disease. Sister Ma also suggested that you go to the hospital to do a breast examination and B -ultrasound.Remove some pathological problems.

In addition to the above early pregnancy reactions, pregnant mothers are also very concerned about "pregnancy vomiting". You can check this article "Not all pregnancy vomiting is normal!"The expectant parents must remember that this situation must be going to the hospital in time to learn about the relevant knowledge.In the end, it is reminded that the reaction of early pregnancy is normal. If you encounter discomfort, don’t be nervous, don’t be anxious, keep your mood happy at all times, try to accept this short pregnancy response, so that early pregnancy reactions will become a little bit at all.It’s a lot, pregnant mothers must cheer!

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