When the dog sleeps, there are 6 moves, but they are actually dreaming

Have you ever observed the state of the dog when he sleeps?

In fact, dogs can also dream, but you don’t know.

When the dog sleeps, there are six actions, but they are actually dreaming.

①: The eyelids start to rotate quickly

When the dog sleeps, the eyelids start to rotate quickly, which is actually equivalent to our human beings and began to enter the dreamland.

The more anxious the eyelids rotate, the more exciting the dog’s dream is.

②: "Alas" appears

When I sleep, I made a whisper. In fact, the dog talked in the dream.

This cry is similar to the coquettish voice, and when I hear it, I still feel a little enjoyable.

③: The action of raising hands and kicking

When the dog sleeps, the movement of raising hands and kicking is actually a dog fight with others in a dream.

Moreover, the more you like to make trouble in the day, the more behaviors will appear when you sleep at night.

At this time, don’t touch the dog because of curiosity, otherwise it may hurt you by mistake.

④: Suddenly awakening

When the dog sleeps next to you, will it suddenly wake up and scare you?

When I encountered this awakening situation, it was actually the dog had a nightmare, and I was frightened in the dream.

Moreover, the more nervous dogs, the more they are awake.

⑤: Open your eyes, close your eyes and continue to sleep

Suddenly opened his eyes, but without any move, he quickly closed his eyes to sleep.

This situation is actually equivalent to a dog in a sleepwalking.

When it sees suspicious things in a dream, a highly alert dog opens his eyes quickly.

I opened it and looked at it, knowing that there was no danger, and naturally continued to sleep.

⑥: The situation of molar occurs

When dogs sleep, molars are also very common.

But do you know, why is there so molaring tooth?

Dogs are moving teeth while sleeping, but they are actually delicious in dreams, enjoying the food in dreams.

If your dog is also molars when he sleeps, remember not to disturb it because it is enjoying a big meal.

The more pouting the dog, the more you like molar when you sleep.

Moreover, the situation of molars may also be because the dogs are not full.

Therefore, when feeding on weekdays, it is best to feed regularly and quantitatively.

In addition, the quality of dog food also needs to pay attention to. It is best to choose a nutritious and high -quality dog food, which is more beneficial to the health of the dog’s diet.If you don’t know how to choose dog food, you can read the blue article below.

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Have you ever appeared in your dogs in these 6 cases?

In fact, it means that the dog’s sleeping is actually not too stable, and there is no sense of security.

Therefore, before the dog sleeps, you can appropriately appease the dog to reduce the anxiety of the dog, and it will be more at ease when you sleep.

Or feed the dog a little snack. After eating and drinking, the dog will be more happy, and naturally you will sleep more stable.

I do n’t know how to choose a dog snack, you can read the blue article below.

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Conclusion: What small actions will you appear when your dog sleeps?

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