When the B -ultrasound shows that the embryo has not been in bed, does it affect the hair, will it affect the fetus?

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Guide: In our daily life, makeup and dressing yourself have almost become the daily life of every girl, but this seemingly ordinary thing. Once you encounter pregnancy, you will become a particularly "dangerous" behavior.We also often listen to people that pregnant women use cosmetics, nail polish, dyeing hair, etc., which can easily hurt their babies, which makes many pregnant mothers feel anxious and afraid of this.

Because many pregnant mothers have encountered similar things, that is, when she dyed her hair or finished something else, she found that she was already pregnant.Due to the safety of the fetus, I went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound but showed that the embryo had not been bed yet. Does this affect the development of the fetus?Will hair dyeing hair during pregnancy cause abortion and deformity of fetal abortion?

First of all, we need to understand that the embryo bed is about 7 days after fertilization, and during the process of bed, it may also abortion naturally due to various factors that cause bed failure.In the early days of the embryo bed, the volume was very small. Even if the B -ultrasound could not see the embryo after the bed, only after 20-30 days of the bed, the embryo developed into a pregnancy sac will be seen by the B ultrasound by the B -ultrasound.Essence

Secondly, let’s take a look at the impact of hair dye after hair dye in the early stages of pregnancy.The answer is obvious, and the impact is almost no.

Why do you say that?

Because the hair dye we now use itself is a safe use industry standard, that is, the chemical components of it can not cause harm to the human body. Secondly, the current hair dye is increasingly pursuing natural safety.The use of ingredients is based on plant dyes.Therefore, in the process of hair dyeing, in addition to damage to hair, it is actually difficult to affect the human body.

The ingredients of hair dye are mainly directly contacting the scalp, but in the process of hair dye, the operation of the hairdresser will try to consider avoiding contact with the scalp. Thereforeof.In addition, after entering the human body, it will be quickly metabolized, so even if you are pregnant, the chance of the fetus can be very small.

Therefore, even if mothers dyed their hair without knowing it, they do not have to be too nervous about this, because this will not have much impact on the fetus, as long as we are not dyeing frequently during pregnancy.

Similar to finding things like pregnancy after dyeing hair, I also encountered a lot around Xiaobian. Some pregnant mothers often do n’t know when they first started to get pregnant, but they usually have some bad behaviors to hurt them easily.The growth of the fetus.Such as smoking, drinking, medication, etc. in early pregnancy, these are almost all of our cognitions that have a serious impact on the fetus, and even cause the fetal deformity.

How can we deal with if we accidentally do something that might hurt the baby in an unconscious situation?Can the baby stay?

In fact, in the early three months of pregnancy, the development of the fetus will go through a large screening of natural elimination. If there is a fetus with abnormal embryos, it is likely to have a miscarriage in a biochemical pregnancy in three months.Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much about this. If their bad behaviors really affect the embryo, the fetus will not safely spend early pregnancy, but will choose to leave themselves.

Therefore, after the early screening of the pregnancy, the baby who can remain continued to develop basically indicates that the embryo is healthy and unusual.After discovering that they are pregnant, pregnant mothers should pay attention to their daily lives, protect the healthy growth of the fetus, and remember to do a good job in the production checks on time to understand the development of the fetus in a timely manner.

Important tips: In the early pregnancy, the bed time occurred in the 7 days after the successful fertilization, and at this time, it was not possible to see it through the B -ultrasound.Because the ingredients and hair dye operation behavior are safe, it is also difficult to cause adverse effects on the embryo.In the early pregnancy embryo, a natural screening will be experienced, and unhealthy embryos will be eliminated. Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much about this, and adjust their lives on time.

Today’s topic: During pregnancy, have you done some behaviors that hurt your baby without consciously?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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