When pregnancy encounters eczema, can hormone ointment help?

Ms. Jia was pregnant for 20 weeks, and she had eczema due to her arms and calves. It was accompanied by itching. She went to the hospital to see the dermatology department. The doctor said that some hormone ointment can be relieved.But I heard that she did not prescribe medicine for pregnant women, saying that pregnant women cannot use hormones.Itching has seriously affected Ms. Jia’s rest. Will the hormone ointment with eczema during pregnancy affect the fetus in the abdomen?

Eczema is an inflammatory skin disease with obvious exudation tendencies caused by a variety of internal and external factors.It has obvious itching and is easy to relapse, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. It is a common disease of dermatology.

The appropriate drug should be selected according to the age of patients and the nature of skin lesions.For example, use stovenite washing agent, external glucocorticoid cream or gel, zinc oxide oil, combined moisturizing agent, moisturizer and keratin loose agent. Among them, outer glucocorticoids are the main drugs for treating eczema.

Some pregnant mothers consider the impact of drugs on the fetus, and they are unwilling to use medicine when they suffer from eczema.However, if it is a medium -weight eczema, itching exacerbation will seriously affect the sleeping mother’s sleep, and if the physical condition is not good, it will also affect the development of the fetus.

Some scientific research on the use of topical hormones such as eczema during pregnancy believes that weak effects or medium -effective external hormones are safe during pregnancy and will not cause fetal malformations.The powerful or ultra -ultra -powerful external hormone must be very cautious, because the use of these drugs, especially in the third trimester, is related to the weight of the low birth of newborns.If a powerful or ultra -powerful topical hormone is needed, the dosage should be maintained at the minimum dose, and fetal growth should be monitored.Weak, medium -efficient hormones such as pine, dexamethasone, chuanneids, pine can be available in hydrogenation, and mamsonic acid.

In addition to the local treatment of skin hormones, pregnant mothers with medium -weight eczema need to actively find the cause system treatment.Pregnant mothers can use oral antihistamines such as dectorbatti and Setoline to control itching.Vitamin C and calcium have a certain anti -sensitivity effect, which can be used for acute seizures or obvious conditions.If it is a bacterial infection, it will induce or aggravate eczema, and antibiotics are needed for treatment.

In fact, basic skin care is very important. After bathing and cleaning, use external moisturizing agents or moisturizers immediately.In addition, pay attention to maintaining the appropriate environmental temperature and humidity, and minimize allergens in the living environment, such as changing clothes and sheets, no carpets, etc. Underwear should be cotton and loose.And mental tension.

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