When do you eat calcium tablets, the best calcium supplementation effect?Can I drink alcohol after eating calcium tablets?How to add?

When you are young, your bones are very hard. You can get enough calcium from your daily diet. He runs and jumps every day. He has an endless energy. Occasionally you do n’t pay attention to the fracture. You can recover in one or two months. You never have to worry about the bone on the bone.The problem.

After the age of 50 or sixty years old, the bones are like being empty. If you make up, you feel unfavorable. If an accident such an accident is recovered, it will be slower, and you need to eat calcium tablets every day.

Why is calcium lost in the body?Why lack calcium?

There are a variety of diets in food. We are adding every day. However, compared with other nutritional problems, it seems that calcium deficiency is more common, especially special groups such as pregnant women and elderly people, often more serious.

This is because in certain ages and special conditions, the demand for bone volume is relatively large and the bone mass loss is relatively fast. Therefore, for people who are prone to calcium deficiency, they must appropriately supplement and formulate calcium supplements for nutritionists.

In addition, the diet mode will also open the gap between everyone and let some calcium deficiency.

For example, you love to drink sweet drinks, including various carbonated beverages, juice, milk tea, etc. Eating more sweet things will affect appetite and become picky eaters, and the belly capacity is so large.The reduction of rice directly leads to reduced nutrition, including calcium.

Compared to drinks, the taste of milk is not so good. Children are more willing to choose the former. Not enough milk supplement will also affect calcium into the bones.Although some people drink milk, they add a lot of sugar inside, which is similar to drinks. The calcium supplementation effect is very limited.

The last point is that the outdoor exercise time is not enough. This sentence should be divided into two points, one is that the outdoor time is less, and the other is insufficient exercise time.

Less outdoor time means that the sun is rarely irradiated, resulting in the decrease in the content of the skin synthesis. Some of the calcium lacks the leadership of vitamin D. I do n’t know where I should go.In addition, the sun can also reduce the inflammation of the joints, which is also helpful to relieve joint pain.

Insufficient exercise time is a common problem for adults. Either work every day or lying down to play with mobile phones. The bones are not fully stimulated. The number of bone cells is reduced, and the bone quality is slowly loose. This is more obvious after menopause and 65 years old.Essence

So many people said that since the lack of calcium, I will supplement calcium, but when is the best effect?Why did I have no effect after eating, and sometimes constipation?This is because you didn’t touch the trick.

The effect of calcium supplementation is not good because time is not eaten right?When should I eat it?

From the perspective of drug absorption, it is possible to eat in the middle or after meals. The difference is not large, because food should not be large in calcium tablets. If your stomach is more sensitive, it is better to eat it after meals.Fast.

Eating blood calcium at night is low, and the delicious calcium tablets can supplement blood calcium and bone calcium, so that there is no shortage of two sides, and it is not easy to cramp at night.

The advantage of eating during the day is that after eating, you can go out outdoors and take a while to the sun. With the help of Vitamin D, the absorption rate is higher, but if the calcium tablet you eat itself adds Vitamin D, then you don’t need to care about the daytime.It’s night.

Can I drink alcohol after eating calcium tablets?

Many people think that calcium tablets are not medicine, it is a nutrient, drinking drinking has no effect.However, in the "drug interaction" column in the instructions, it clearly states that "a large amount of drinks drinking alcohol and caffeine and a large amount of smoking will inhibit the absorption of calcium."

Although it will not have serious drunk reactions together, it is still not recommended to drink alcohol, so as not to bring discomfort to the body.In addition to wine, tea, coffee, milk tea, etc. are the same.

What can I do if I do n’t eat calcium tablets?

Adults generally need 800 mg per day. This is a condition that is healthy and has no aging. If it is more than 50 years old, it is necessary to add 200 mg to keep up with the speed of calcium loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.Women who are pregnant have increased their joint burdens, nutrition and fetal sharing, so they must also be added.

In principle, if you eat enough diet, you do n’t need to make up for it, but many people do n’t know the diet, so you ca n’t eat your ideas.If you want to reach 800 mg, you must first set up 300 grams of milk, followed by half a pound of vegetables and two or two bean products and aquatic products.

Those who do not like to drink milk can be replaced by soy milk. They still have to drink 300 grams and add half a catty of green leafy vegetables, so that they can consume 300 mg of calcium.Now everyone should know it. Food supplement is a relatively safe method. Do not eat supplements if you can eat food supplements.Properly increase the intake of eggs and milk, and the day’s calcium supplement task is easy to complete.

However, people who rarely eat dairy products and vegetables may pay attention to it and may be lacking. Considering the problem of absorption rate, the absorption rate of vegetables, soy products, and milk is relatively high, but meat and grains may not reach reachWith such a high absorption rate, if the calcium deficiency in the elderly is more serious, bone pain, deformation, and loosening of the teeth have occurred, and the supplementary supplements must be assisted to quickly return the calcium to the normal value.

Finally, there are many types of calcium. If you choose less calcium, you can adjust the number of intake at any time to avoid excessive intake and relatively safe body.The form of liquid calcium and calcium tablets is not very different, and it is easy to decompose in the gastric acid, but in the end, whether it can be absorbed by the intestine, it depends on the solubility. It is not easy to constipation and bloating with high solubility.

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