When did you know that you were pregnant?About 10 days after ovulation, see if there is this secretion

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Many couples who are preparing for pregnancy hope that they can get pregnant quickly. After the same room, women began to observe whether they have symptoms of nausea and vomiting, or whether there is normal vacation.Many women do find that they are pregnant through symptoms such as menopause and vomiting, which is also a relatively obvious signal for pregnancy.But when do women know pregnant?If about 10 days after ovulation, women find that there is such a secretion on the underwear, it may be pregnant, don’t be stupid.

The secretion reflects the health of women

For women, many times they can judge their physical health through secretions.Generally speaking, the color of women’s secretions is transparent or milky, and there is no odor.If the secretion is yellow, it means inflammation.If women find more secretions around 10 days after ovulation, this should be noted that they may be pregnant.

If the secretion becomes more or has blood wire, it may be pregnant

After the successful conception, the hormone level in the body will change, and the cervical mucus can also cause a certain stimulation, which makes women’s secretions more.Sometimes it may be mixed with a small amount of blood wires in the secretion, which is what women should pay attention to.Because the fertilized eggs are in bed, it will cause a certain stimulation to the capillaries of the inner wall of the uterus, and then cause the capillaries to rupture and a small amount of bleeding.

After women are pregnant, in addition to being found through the secretions, they can also know through these changes.

1. Rise body temperature

It is recommended that women who prepare for pregnancy develop the habit of getting up in the morning in the morning. If it is found that about 10 days after the same room, the body temperature continues to be 0.3-0.5 ° C. This is likely to be pregnant.At this time, women can test the pregnancy test stick, or go to the hospital for examination.

2. frequent urination

After the woman was pregnant, although the fetus was not too big, the uterus began to be congested and slowly compressed the bladder.In this way, the urine storage function of the bladder weakens, and women will have frequent urination.However, do not drink water to reduce the number of water at this time at this time.

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3. Sleamed

Some women will be drowsiness after the same room. Even if they rest well every night, they do not work, but they are drowsy the next day and always want to rest.At this time, women should consider that it may be caused by pregnancy. Because after the fertilized eggs are in bed, women will secrete too much progesterone in their bodies, so this will occur.

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