When a pregnant woman walks, the child suddenly "falls"!Why is it so easy to have a baby?The reason is not simple

give birth

It is something that most women experience

For those who have never had a child

You can also know from the TV series and others’ mouths

It is a very painful thing to have children

But a few days ago

A pregnant woman in Taizhou, Zhejiang

Walking on the road

Suddenly gave birth to the child

As soon as the news came out

Attracted the attention of many people

Many people feel unbelievable

Why is it so easy to have children?

What causes this?

Take everyone today

Analyze it well

Why give birth to children so fast?

The birth of a child is defined as a "emergency production" in medicine, referring to the childbirth process with less than three hours.

The occurrence of emergencies in pregnant women is mainly related to factors such as age, history of childbirth, and basic medical history. Pregnant women with multiple childbirth history and relaxation of the palace mouth are more likely to give birth.

Urgent production may cause severe complications of maternal and infants.Because the uterine contraction is too strong and too frequent, the output process is too fast, which is easy to cause split moutdrops in the emergency maternal downturn, which increases the risk of amniotic fluid embolism, placental peeling, postpartum bleeding, and puerperium infection.At the same time, fetal distress, neonatal suffocation, death, and death risk of birth.

There is not a faster to give birth to a child. The fast production process is not smooth production.The childbirth process varies from person to person. Some pregnant women can be produced smoothly in a few hours, while some pregnant women need one day and one night to give birth.

Which factors determine that having children is fast?

1. Maternal age

Generally, the easier it is to give birth to a child at the age of a first -class child. This may be the reason why young pregnant women are better than the elderly maternal in terms of physical strength and energy.

2. The weight of the maternal woman

If pregnant women do not control their weight during pregnancy, and get pregnant under BMI> 24, they are prone to imbalances during pregnancy, resulting in a huge probability of production, and it is also easy to increase the risk of dystocia.

3. The position of the fetus

Normal weight, fetal fetuses are more likely to give birth.The fetal position is not like the hip position and horizontal position and the fetal weight.

4. Maternal pelvic conditions

Women’s pelvis width is shallow and easy to give birth, while narrow pelvis is relatively deep in terms of childbirth, so pelvic conditions are also important.

5. Sex

The first maternal is slower than having a child, and the mother who has had a history of fertility has expanded due to the vagina and cervix when they are produced again.

Is it better to give birth or a cesarean section?

Relatively speaking, the way to produce as natural delivery is more natural and safe.

After the squeezing of the birth canal, the risk of respiratory diseases in the baby will decrease, and the baby in cesarean section lacks the production channel squeezing, which can easily cause the risk of inhaling amniotic fluid and inhale pneumonia.

The trauma is small, and the recovery is fast. It can be discharged in about 3 days. It can be eaten immediately after delivery, and the range of food has a wide range of choices, which is conducive to postpartum breastfeeding.After all, the cesarean section is a risk of surgery, and the postoperative recovery is slow, and the diet is not good for breastfeeding. The formation of scar uterus after cesarean section is not conducive to pregnancy again, and it is not conducive to the next delivery.

Although good delivery is good, we recommend cesarean section for some difficulty in dystocia or fetal distress, and there are other cesarean section indications.Which production method should be evaluated by a doctor!

These situations should be preferred to choose cesarean section

1. Maternal pelvis is abnormal, such as narrow pelvis or deformity.

2. The head pot is not called, horizontal or hip position.

3. A cesarean section in the first child, scar uterine.

4. Pre -placental bleeding.

5. Internal distress of the fetus.

6. The maternal existence of basic diseases cannot tolerate the delivery.

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to diet

Take 400-800ug/daily, or composite vitamins containing folic acid.(It is recommended to start taking it 3 months before pregnancy to be eaten until 3 months of pregnancy), a balanced diet, daily intake of sufficient high -quality protein, fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Control the steady growth of weight

According to the increase in weight during pregnancy weight index, the weight index before pregnancy (normal BMI is 18.5-23.9) is generally recommended to increase by 10-12.5kg during pregnancy.The scope to ensure a steady growth rate during pregnancy.

3. Scientific treatment of early pregnancy reactions

Because each pregnant woman will have an early pregnancy reaction 3 months before pregnancy, during this period, a light diet should be diet and a small number of meals.

4. Learn self -care

Once you see red, abdominal pain, and vaginal flowing water, you should seek medical treatment in time.

For women who have a maternal or have a history of artificial flow or the history of induction of labor, they must avoid emergency production, and if necessary, they are hospitalized in advance under the guidance of a doctor.

5. Prepare for breastfeeding

Since May of pregnancy, you can use a soft towel every day to gently wipe it with a soft towel, rub the nipples for 1-2 minutes, and then wash it with water to prevent the nipples from cracking.But be careful to avoid excessive stimulation nipples, so as not to induce contractions to cause premature birth.

6. Moderate exercise

According to your own situation, it is not less than 30 minutes of low-intensity body activity per day. It is best to take 1-2 hours of outdoor activities such as walking and gymnastics. At the same time, the sun is exposed to improve vitamin D nutritional conditions.

In summary

The delivery process varies from person to person

Must look at it scientifically

During the pregnancy period

Prepare physical and psychological preparations

Including the eugenics examination of both husband and wife

Control weight, increase nutrition and moderate exercise


To achieve the best state

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