What’s wrong with vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?You need to seek medical treatment immediately in these 5 cases

Bleeding during pregnancy, just looking at these words, I feel so scared. I usually feel panicked when I flow. The vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is really scared to the mother’s "flowers and loses color". What is the situation?Why suddenly bleed?

Generally, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is mainly in the early pregnancy, but some expectant mothers will bleed during the relatively stable period in the second trimester, which will cause attention.Mother -in -law should pay special attention. If vaginal bleeding occurs, even if you are afraid of blood, you have to stood up and open your eyes to observe its color and form.

1. Early pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the prospective mother’s vaginal bleeding, the blood flowing out of the brown, then the expectant mother can not have to worry too much, because the ovarian will form luteum to maintain the nutritional supply. After 3 months, the placenta will slowly form slowly formation.In this way, there is no need to work.

Especially when the placenta has not been formed, it is very prone to the phenomenon of progesterone deficiency, and there will be a condition of bleeding. Therefore, the expectant mothers only need to rest and avoid exercise. If the blood is bright red, pay attention.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, in the middle of pregnancy is a relatively stable period, expectant mothers have passed early pregnancy reactions, and their appetite becomes good and happy, but often the most serious if vaginal bleeding occurs during this period. Vaginal bleeding may be aborted during this period.Extra pregnancy, hydatidal and other issues.

3. The early pregnancy

The third trimester is a period when expectant mothers should pay attention to. As soon as they are in production, if you accidentally, your baby may come out to say hello. If a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs and is accompanied by a slight contraction, the expectant mothers can observe through the contraction timer.If you enter regular contractions and only 5 minutes apart, you must go to the hospital in time even if you have not broken water.

Of course, bleeding in the third trimester not only represents production. Abnormal bleeding is mainly early placenta and placenta early peeling. The previous one is painless bleeding. The amount of bleeding is often more.Bleeding of abdominal pain, this kind of bleeding does not necessarily completely flow, it can be accumulated between the placenta and the uterine wall, but no matter which kind of bleeding, it should be treated in the hospital in time. Do not take it lightly.

1. Early pregnancy

(1) Bed bleeding

Bleeding that occurs 2-4 weeks after conception is generally bleeding in bed without worry.

(2) Breakfore abortion

When the progesterone in the body is insufficient and is not enough to support embryo survival, vaginal bleeding will occur; the embryo bed is not good, such as too close to the uterine or cervical pregnancy, too close to the fallopian tube or corner pregnancy, which will also cause bleeding. The mother is excessiveFalse and bad mood can also cause signs of abortion and vaginal bleeding.

(3) Ectopic pregnancy

It means that the embryo bed is incorrect. It is not in the uterine cavity. It is more common in the fallopian tube, ovarian, etc. Due to the weak muscle layer of the fallopian tube, it is not enough to support the survival of the embryo and vaginal bleeding.

(4) The fetus stops developing

Because the sperm or eggs are unhealthy, the fertilized eggs cannot develop normally; there are also situations that are exposed to toxic and harmful environments in the early pregnancy, and the mood of mother’s bad mood will cause the fetus to stop developing.Stopped embryo will peel off and bleed.

(5) Cervical disease

Some pregnant women have cervical inflammation before pregnancy, or cervical erosion, or cervical polyps.Because inflammation makes cervical vascular exposure prone to bleeding.

2. Medium and late pregnancy

Why do you put together in the second trimester and the third trimester, because the bleeding causes in these two periods are similar.The key point for bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy is to figure out the bleeding site.Therefore, if vaginal bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy, the examination should be checked and ultrasound examination to determine the bleeding site, cause and degree.

(1) Cervical erosion

Most expectant mothers will have different degrees of cervical erosion after marriage. After pregnancy, with the progress of the pregnancy month, the level of progesterone in pregnant women’s body continues to increase, so that the columnar epithelium of the cervix moves outward and tissue proliferation. The symptoms of cervical erosion increase significantly.At this time, vaginal bleeding is prone to.But cervical erosion is not a disease, no need to worry.

This bleeding does not directly affect the development of the fetus. As long as it stops bleeding in time, pregnancy can still progress normally.

(2) Improper sexual life

The reason for pop -up bleeding in the middle of pregnancy is that prostaglandin in semen can stimulate uterine contraction, and when the uterus is mechanically stimulated, it will be adjusted by nerve reflexes and body fluids, causing endogenous prostaglandin release.

Under the influence of prostinine in both men and women, a strong contraction of the uterus can cause bleeding and abdominal pain after pregnant women during pregnancy, and severe sexual intercourse can also occur. Therefore, the cause of sexual hyperemation in the middle of pregnancy is also related to men’s semen.

When pregnant women have unexpected bleeding or stomach pain, they should immediately stop sex to avoid causing abortion.

(3) Abortion

If the expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy have lower abdomen pain, vaginal bleeding gradually increases, and sometimes symptoms such as fetal movement may not be felt. It may be a precursor to miscarriage and should go to the hospital for examination immediately.

3. The early pregnancy

(1) Pre -front placenta

If the bleeding site is in the uterine cavity, it may be an early placenta, placental peeling or abortion.

When the front placenta reaches the third trimester, the lower section of the uterus will gradually stretch. If the expectant mother is the front placenta, it will cause the lower section of the uterus to be unable to extend accordingly, which will cause the front placenta to be peeled from the attached place.Bleeding occurs.

Although the number of at the beginning will not be a lot, as the lower section of the uterus continues to stretch, the phenomenon of bleeding will occur repeatedly, so that the amount of bleeding will become larger and larger, which will cause anemia in pregnant women.And the fetus is hypoxic.

(2) Placental peeling early

Under normal circumstances, the placenta will be attached to the uterine wall. Until the baby is born, if the peeling occurs in advance, it may affect the growth and development of the fetus, and even cause the fetus to die.

Placental peeling is one of the most serious complications in the third trimester, so expectant mothers must be very vigilant!

When bleeding, it is accompanied by abdominal spasm pain;

液 A lot of dark brown blood or blood clots;

足 Large bleeding (enough to wet a sanitary napkin);

; Bleeding more and more;

I feel dizziness and weakness.

From the moment of the baby’s belly, the expectant mother seemed to become a fitter super woman. Each birth checkup is like an important way to upgrade monsters, and production is the last big BOSS!It is not easy to get pregnant. Expectant mothers may encounter many problems in large and small and small, but as long as they have timely check -up, obey the doctor’s instructions, and relax everything can survive everything.

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