What’s wrong with my belly tightness for 6 months?There are only three reasons for the last one to pay attention to

Many mothers think that they have spent a uncomfortable pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy. After entering the middle of pregnancy, they can finally relax. After all, entering the second trimester represents the fetus is stable, the belly is not too large, and the appetite will become better. Finally, you can enjoy it.I did not expect to discover that after entering the middle of pregnancy, I found that there were troubles in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Lily has been in the second trimester recently. She said that she thought she was stable, and her appetite was particularly good recently, so she endured a lot of hot pot herself and finally went to eat.It relieves the spicyness of the mouth, and I drank a large mouthful of sour plum soup. It was nothing to do, but I always felt that my belly was tight and hard recently.It is normal to go to the production inspection, but still not worried.

By the end of pregnancy, some mothers will have a tight stomach, and there are usually three reasons.

Most of the three reasons for the stomach in the middle of pregnancy are mostly these three reasons

The belly becomes bigger and tighter

When I was 6 months pregnant, the fetus was 25-28 cm in length and weighed 300-800 grams. At this time, the fetus’s body looks particularly well-proportioned. He can see his eyes, eyebrows, hair, etc.Growing out, so it seems to be dry. Although it is still small, the fetus is wrapped in amniotic fluid, and the uterus has been bigger from an egg to a papaya size. At this timeThe uterine ligament is like a rubber band. As the uterus becomes larger and closer, many mothers will find that there is always a feeling of tight belly under the belly, especially abdominal fatThere are fewer mothers who are thinner. This tight feeling will become more and more obvious.

Fetal movement caused by fetal movement

16-20 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will feel the first fetal movement of the fetus. At this time, the baby’s baby is still relatively small, and the fetal movement will be very weak. Sometimes the fetal movement is like the baby tickle on the mother’s belly, lightSliding lightly, if the pregnant mother feels not sensitive, sometimes it is almost impossible.

However, it enters 24 weeks, and the fetus is getting larger and larger, and the space in the uterus happens to be relatively large. The fetal movement of the fetus will become more and more powerful, especially some lively fetal baby.Some babies also like to circulate in the mother’s belly, or drum bags. If the baby’s fetal movement is relatively large, the pregnant mother will also feel that the belly is tight.The more sensitive the mother feels about the fetal movement, the more and more she feels like her belly will be tight.

Pseudo contraction

In the second trimester, some pregnant women will have false contractions, but don’t worry. Most of the pseudo -contractions during this period are caused by external factors.

For example, excessive exercise, or moving heavy objects, walking fast, even the diet of pregnant women, eating irritating foods, such as cold drinks, peppers, or stimulation of uterine contraction, causing pseudo -contractions, but this contractionThey are temporary. As long as you pay attention to rest in time to avoid stimulation of the abdomen again, it will soon disappear.

In addition to the stimulation of diet and external forces, the mood of pregnant women’s mood, frequent touching stomachs or to stimulate breasts can cause pseudo contractions.

There are only three reasons for the last pseudo -contractions that need to be paid extra, because most of the pseudo -contractions will appear in the third trimester. If the fake contractions frequently can easily lead to premature birth, if it is the pseudo -palace in the second trimesterTo shrink, pay attention to whether it is caused by improper behavior of your own. You need to rest and adjust in time to observe the frequency of pseudo contractions. If you come quickly, you do n’t need to worry.Look at the doctor.

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