What’s the matter with nipple itching?Is it related to breast cancer?Breast surgeon to answer for you

Itching of nipples is a very common manifestation of breast discomfort and has a certain impact on women’s lives and work.Imagine how embarrassing this state of wanting to scratch is how it wants to scratch when working in non -private space.

So what causes nipple itching?What impact does it have on our health?

● In the condition of ensuring hygiene and nipple cleaning, if it occasionally itching on the nipples and the performance of the nipples without desquamation, redness, etc., you don’t have to worry too much. This is generally caused by the stimulation of the sweat glands or clothing of the nipple areola.

● If frequent nipple itching and nipple skin dedue or redness appear, you should go to the hospital to see the dermatology at this time."Feelive dermatitis" can be understood as constitution that is prone to allergies.Under the treatment of anti -allergic ointments or drugs in dermatology, eczema and itching will be significantly reduced, and the nipples will return to their original appearance.

There is a rare type of breast cancer called "breast eczema -like cancer" (breast Paget’s disease). Its main manifestations are the itching and burning sensation of nipples, areolas and surrounding skin, with liquid exudation, skin dedue and other eczemaThe change is confusing with eczema manifestations of the characteristic dermatitis.If the anti -allergic drugs have not improved for 2 weeks of itching and desquamation, you need to pay attention!I have been diagnosed with many nipple desquamation and nipple ulceration women in the clinic.

Let’s introduce this disease in detail below.

How is the breast PageT ’s disease formed?

What factors can cause this disease?

The reason is not completely clear, but the explanation that everyone is generally accepted is that the tumor cells run from the breast catheter inside the breast to the nipples and the surrounding skin.As for the pathogenic factor, like the pathogenic factors of breast cancer, such as age, family history, history of menstruation, hormone, pregnancy and breastfeeding history, etc., even if these unfavorable factors exist, it may not cause breast cancer. Most of the breast gland will beCancer patients do not have obvious pathogenic factor.Relevant issues were mentioned many times before, so I won’t go into details here.

How to diagnose breast eczema -like cancer?

The diagnosis of breast eczema -like cancer is relatively simple and convenient. The skin scraping of the nipple dedivision is performed for a pathological examination.Some patients may need to further cut a small piece of nipples for pathological examinations for a clear diagnosis.Of course, other imaging examinations before surgery are also essential.

How to treat and prevent breast eczema -like cancer?

Treatment is mainly surgery, and it is clear whether endocrine therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or targeted therapy is required according to postoperative pathological results.Most of the breast eczema -like cancer is in the early days, most of which are internal cancer in ducts, and may develop into infiltrated cancer in the later stage. Most patients have a good prognosis.

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