What to pay attention to at 17 weeks of pregnancy

There are a lot of things that women need to pay attention to when women are pregnant. Today I will talk about what you need to pay attention to at 17 weeks of pregnancy.

The 17 -week baby baby is like a duck, and the bones are not developed. But all of them are cartilage.The fetal heart monitor can hear the baby’s fetal heart, which means that expectant mothers can hear the baby’s heartbeat and prove the baby’s existence.What should expectant mothers pay attention to at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

In 17 weeks, some expectant mothers can feel the fetal movement, but this is not absolute. The morning or evening of the fetal movement depends on the time of the fertilized egg formation. Some people have bred someone early.Time, expectant mothers wait patiently, you are about to feel the response given you in your belly.In 17 weeks, Junye Mom wanted to go to the hospital for a Tang family screening to ensure that the fetus had no congenital diseases. The screening time of Donald screening was 17-20 weeks. The result of more than 20 weeks is meaningless.Before it is in place, it can’t be screened.This inspection is the second birth checkup in the true sense. Doctors will recommend that expectant mothers add more vitamin D. The source of vitamin D is mainly to dry the sun and food supplements. The vitamin D content in food and fish is the highest content, and eggs are second.Pregnant women should not be too long when they are sunny, and avoid the skin from exposed to strong light, otherwise it is easy to allergic to ultraviolet rays.Each half an hour of sun bath.Eating fish can not only supplement vitamin D, but also the DHA content in the sea fish is also very high, which plays a vital role in the development of the fetal brain.

The 17 -week expectant mothers can properly carry out new life, but the number of sexual life should not be too many, and the actions must be gentle, not too intense, otherwise it is easy to cause abortion.Some, but nothing is absolute.Do not stimulate the nipples during the process of sex, nor can it be pressed to the stomach.Stimulating nipples can cause strong uterine contraction, and uterine contraction can cause abortion.The sanitary work of both husband and wife of sex life should be done well, especially husbands. If due to unclean sexual life, the vaginal vagina is abnormal, and the treatment process will have a certain impact on the fetus.Specific mothers will spend pain in pain. Even if they are not treated, they can endure pain and itching. Then the vaginal infection of vaginal vagina in the process of childbirth will also be transmitted to newborns, which will have a certain impact on the health of newborns.

The expectant mother will have hair loss during pregnancy. It is normal, because the changes in hormones cause the new hair to grow rapidly, and the dry hair will naturally fall off. As long as the phenomenon of normal care, this phenomenon will not last long.

The above is some suggestions I give about what I need to pay attention to in 17 weeks of pregnancy. I hope expectant mothers can learn and adopt.

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