What to dream of foreshadowing?How many adult camouflage has been torn apart

Each of us will dream, people’s understanding of dreams is still vague.A large number of dreams are described in "Dream of Red Mansions". Some people have counted 32 dreams in "Dream of Red Mansions", especially the fifth time Jia Baoyu’s dreamy tour is too fantasy, and it is the core of the book.The author’s dream is enough to prove that dreams have a very important role in ancient times!

In Freud’s cognition, dreams are actually a desire to be oppressed. Just like Jia Baoyu’s dream of too fantasy, that is, he is young, but he has this dream.In our traditional dream interpretation system, the blessings, Lu, Shou, joy, and wealth that people are pursuing are the most important parts. Many dream explanations are related to people’s pursuit of blessing, Lu, Shou, happy, and wealth.

For example, when you dream of long hairs, the ancients would think that this is a sign of getting rich; dreaming of earwax is also a symbol of getting rich; even if you dreamed of stuffing things in your mouth, it also indicates that youThere will be good wealth.

People also think that if you dream of toothache, you are also a sign of getting rich. If you are several other people’s teeth, it also indicates that you will defeat your opponent; if you dream of getting your tooth extraction, then congratulations, the ancestor will think that you will not be in the future.Will buy a house!

In our traditional concepts, red is a auspicious color, and if you dream of blood flowing into a river, it is also a forestein that will make a fortune.After all, the ancients of the ancients made it made sense.If you dream of bleeding, it means breaking wealth, or even bankruptcy.

If many people have dreams at night, they often look up after waking up, and they can’t wait to find some information, or consult others, and want to know what this dream represents?

So why do people care about their dreams so much?

In traditional culture, there are only two aspects of people’s interpretations of dreams, one is Ji and the other is fierce.If it is beneficial to yourself, such as indicating that you can be promoted to make a fortune, you can be full of descendants, etc. These are all auspicious.Because in our eyes, power, wealth, and descendants are all pursuit of their lives.And if people’s pursuit is the opposite, it must be "fierce."

Therefore, people care so much about their dreams.Rather than paying attention to your dream, it is better to say whether you can make a fortune or wealth; whether it is failure or success; whether he is promoted or unemployed.

People think that only by gaining wealth and gaining status can they win the respect of others. People are always thinking about being comfortable while gaining achievements.Therefore, people are eager to use some ways to make themselves understand the future. During the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, from the princes to the general public, they must predict whether they can do what they have done through divination.To achieve the effect of "divination".

In the final analysis, we are still around the desire, and we cannot be satisfied in our lives. We want to get some answers to life from a dream.

During the day, we worked hard and worked.

The 66 -year -old old man, he also desperately kicked three rounds of guests in Lhasa.Only after late at night can I go home. I can’t count how many people go to the Potala Palace, but he has never been to him once.

The 20 -year -old highway toll collector was scolded by the driver. Despite being restrained, the tears still fell down.

She was still crying the previous second. In the next second, she had to face the next driver and continue to work with a smile.

The world of adults is often like this. During the day, he is an emotional management master, and it is only at night that he is so vulnerable.

If you look closely, you will find that now people seem to have reached an era of "selling laughing". In the past, it was a master of successful success, and now it is a selling point to make you laugh.However, many people are selling laughter, but we find that their laughter is getting higher and higher.We seem to have lost the ability to laugh.

Whether it is the dream interpretation of the East or the dream release of the West, it is to help people fight against the uncertainty in life.And the more we work hard during the day to control ourselves, the more we want to achieve fame, the more empty and lonely at night.

We are all pursuing those so -called "fame and fortunes". They all think that we will only be happy if we are "well -known". We have been wrapped in life and forced to live a rolling life. We forgot our childhood.Happy day.

Maybe in our dreams, we can find the self that I love to laugh.

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