What to do if vomiting and drowsiness in the early stages of pregnancy

There are some symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. The most common is vomiting and drowsiness. The Ma Ma who has just become pregnant may not have experience. I may not know how to deal with it. The serious situation will even affect the baby in the stomach.Come and understand the possible symptoms of early pregnancy!At the same time, understanding the symptoms of early pregnancy is also very beneficial to protect the fetus!

I have been pregnant for 5 weeks. I have been uncomfortable since I was pregnant. I used to like to eat it now. I ca n’t eat it now.These days I always feel that my chest tightness is short, and my breathing is difficult!Uncomfortable, my mother -in -law comforted that these situations will occur in pregnancy, so I don’t worry!

So my mother -in -law asked me to eat one egg a day, 1 to 2 cups of milk, saying that it was nourishing folic acid, and then let me eat less and eat less meals per meal.In addition, my husband accompanied me to take a walk to the small park every day, relax, exercise in moderation, and breathe fresh air outside. Slowly, I didn’t want to vomit so much, and I could eat things.

But these days I was particularly lethargic. When I saw the TV computer began to squint for more than an hour, I was sleepy, and my husband said that I could fall asleep when I lay down and down.I also feel that my head is particularly heavy and sleepy!I can’t do anything all day long, my mood is not good, I don’t know when it will continue!

My husband comforted me and said that the doctor said that this was normal, the metabolism state of the post -pregnancy generation accelerated and the load was too large.Ask me to strengthen nutrition and rest, it will be better after a while.In particular, it is important to maintain a relaxed mood. Drink plenty of water and eat more foods rich in cellulose and vitamin B1.

I hope I can take good care of the process of pregnancy, maintain a positive attitude, and raise the baby in my stomach until the baby is born!come on! Come on!Intersection

The first three months of pregnancy are the early stages of pregnancy. It is a good understanding of the symptoms that will occur in the early stage to help novice Ma Ma to better adapt to the body of the baby after having the baby, and spend the running -in period with the baby!

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