What to do if pregnant women’s wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan should be treated in time in time

During the special period of pregnancy, if the teeth are wrong, it is very troublesome, especially the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan. What should I do if the pregnant woman’s wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan?

1. What is wisdom tooth crown inflammation

Wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan is a soft tissue inflammation around the third molar (also known as wisdom teeth).The cause of the disease is mainly the third maging tooth grinding, which is not enough to grow. Most of the crown is covered by the gums, and the food residues are prone to retention under the gums.

The main symptoms are the swelling and pain of soft tissue around the crown. If inflammation affects the chewing muscle, it can cause restricted tensor to varying degrees. If it affects the pharynx side, swallow pain occurs, resulting in difficulty in chewing, eating and swallowing.Those with severe condition can still have systemic symptoms such as uncomfortable body discomfort, headache, rising body temperature, and loss of appetite.

The incidence of wisdom tooth crowns during pregnancy is several times higher than normal people. Because of the low resistance during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, the fetal growth and development of the fetus are fast, which can easily cause anemia for pregnant women.

2. What to do if pregnant women wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan

If the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan occurs in a normal person, the treatment is very simple. Just remove it after anti -inflammatory. If the pregnant woman suffers from this disease, the trouble will be great.Zhou Yan must be cautious.

The treatment of wisdom tooth crown inflammation is mainly to enhance the resistance of the patient’s body, control the infection, and promote the dissipation of inflammation.After the acute period, surgical treatment should be taken for the diseased dental dental to prevent recurrence.The specific method is as follows:

1. Specification

Use antibacterial or internal Chinese herbal medicines to be treated according to the disease.

2. Local treatment

The local treatment of wisdom tooth crown is important.The blind bag can be washed with 1-3%hydrogen peroxide solution and physiological saline or other sterilized solutions daily, and then 3%iodine glycerin.In addition, the compound borax liquid or amuxin liquid is rushing, many times a day.In the early days, local physical therapy and external application of Chinese herbal medicine can be used to help absorb inflammation.Acupuncture can have analgesic and improvement.If the pus is formed, the drainage can be cut.

3. Disease Dental treatment

After the acute inflammation fades, the disease should be further treated to prevent recurrence.If the tooth position is positive, can sprout normally, and has a chewing function on the jaw tooth, it can be used as a wedge -shaped resection around the crown.Otherwise, it should be removed.

However, it is generally not recommended to perform a tooth extraction surgery in 3 months before and after pregnancy. Tooth extraction in the first three months can easily cause miscarriage, and tooth extraction in the next 3 months can easily cause premature birth.The main reason is that the pain, panic, panic, and the pain of teething and tingling drugs during teething.

Therefore, women who are preparing for the baby should go to a regular dental hospital to do the oral examination before preparing for pregnancy. It is best to take a digital curved fault tooth tablet to fully understand the tooth conditions and listen to the opinions of the oral doctor.The extraction of this pull is not suffering from dental disease during pregnancy.

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