What should I pay attention to when pregnant women pay attention to during the heat stroke?

There are pregnant women in the family.Especially in summer, pregnant mothers have high temperature, fast metabolism, and even more difficult to endure hot weather.So how to deal with pregnant women’s heat stroke?

Spring is over half, and summer is coming. It is a very uncomfortable thing in summer to drag a heavy belly in the summer. Pregnant women are also easy to heatstroke in summer. So what do pregnant women have a heat stroke?

How to deal with heat stroke in pregnant women:

1: Stay away from high temperature

If pregnant women have headaches, dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms in high temperature environments, this is a threatened heat stroke. Immediately leave the high temperature environment, lie down and rest in a cool place in a better ventilation, and unbutton the outer clothes when resting.Drink 3 spoons of salt water at the same time and recover in a short time.

2: After taking drugs with heat stroke, you can take some heatstrokes to relieve heat stroke.For example, there are Huoxiang Zhengqi water, Liuyi San, etc.

Huoxiangzhengqi water: It is a commonly used medicine for summer, which is suitable for colds caused by external wind cold, internal injuries, or summer wounds.Pregnant women’s heat stroke can take the heat of the heat under the guidance of a doctor.Liuyi San: It is a Chinese medicine, which can cure the fever, tiredness, thirst, diarrhea, and urination caused by the heat and dampness of the summer dampness. Take 6 grams at a time and 1-2 times a day.Reminder: There are many kinds of relief medicines, but some are not suitable for pregnant women. Therefore, expectant mothers must take them in the advice of doctors and do not take themselves to avoid harming the fetus.

3: Diet treatment can be treated by diet in addition to the heat of the summer heat of pregnant women.

Suggestion: Eating watermelon and drinking mung bean soup, this has a good effect on relieving heat.Moving some honeysuckle tea and chrysanthemum tea at home can also achieve the effect of cooling heat and cooling.However, pregnant women should pay attention to that these summer foods are more cool, and the amount of intake should be appropriate to avoid symptoms such as diarrhea.

4: When the heat stroke is seriously medical treatment, when the symptoms of high fever, coma, and convulsions in pregnant women have a severe heat stroke, they should immediately seek medical treatment or call to call ambulance.

Reminder: During the medical treatment or waiting for the ambulance, the pregnant woman should lie on the side and lean backwards to ensure that the respiratory tract is smooth.If possible, you can use wet towels or 30-50%alcohol to wipe the front chest and back of the pregnant woman.

Precautions for pregnant women in summer:

1. During the high temperature period, you should go out in the morning or evening when you go out in the summer or in the summer. This period is the largest when the sun is the largest from 10 to 16, and it is best not to go out.In addition, when pregnant women go out, they should also do a good job of protecting, such as a parasol, wearing a sunshade, wearing a sunglasses, and should also prepare sufficient water.

2. Proper drinking water pregnant women should drink proper water every day, especially under high temperature weather, to replenish water in time.Don’t wait for the thirst before drinking water, because it means that your body is already short of water.Pregnant women can also supplement some salt water appropriately.

3. Wearing loose clothing pregnant women should try to choose large and cool clothes as much as possible. At the same time, bra and belt should not be tight.

How to treat pregnant women with heat stroke:

Pregnant women’s heat stroke treatment step 1: Leaving high temperature environment

Once pregnant women notice their chest tightness, dizziness, and abnormal body fever, they should realize that it may be heat stroke, and let the family quickly transfer themselves to the cool and ventilated place to rest.You should lie down, the head is raised, and the clothes buckle should be relieved.

Pregnant women’s heat stroke treatment Step 2: Take measures

If pregnant women are conscious and have no nausea and vomiting symptoms, they can drink salty cool beverages, tea, mung bean soup, etc., which can not only cool down, but also supplement the blood capacity.If it looks a little serious, you can take ten drops of water, Ren Dan, Summer Spring, Huoxiangzhengqi Water, etc., which can improve in a short time.However, a lot of heat -solving medicines have strict requirements for pregnant women. Generally, pregnant women are prohibited, and some pregnant women can take it. However, they should ask the doctor before making a decision.

At the same time, you can use an electric fan to blow heat, but the electric fan cannot be used directly to the pregnant woman. It must prevent the Central Department from catching a cold.You can also apply cold compresses, the cold compress part is the head, under the armpits, groin and other large blood vessels. Place ice packs in the above parts, and wipe the bath with cold water or 30%alcohol until the skin is red.

Pregnant women’s heat stroke treatment Step 3: seriously sent to the hospital

If pregnant women have severe heat stroke, symptoms such as high fever, coma, convulsions, etc., or changes in respiratory and blood pressure circulation, such as fast heart rate, low blood pressure, slower breathing or pushing, even changes in consciousness, drowsiness, coma, should be right away.Take it to the hospital for rescue.

While calling an ambulance or notifying the first aid center, the patient should lie on the side and head on the back to ensure that the respiratory tract is smooth.You can use wet towels or 30-50%alcohol to cool the front chest, back and other places.

Step 4 of Pregnant Women’s heat stroke treatment: Auxiliary treatment

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