What should I do if the third part is easy to see in the early pregnancy?Mom learned not to panic, no need to go to the hospital

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Each of us who can grow up is very difficult. In the early stages of pregnancy, hundreds of millions of sperm scramble to find the eggs, which can form the sperm of the fertilized egg. In fact, it is the winner.As high as 25%, most of the abortion occurs in early pregnancy!

Therefore, many women who have just become pregnant in the early pregnancy, because their stomachs are not very large, generally do not tell outsiders’ news about their pregnancy, mainly because they are worried that they have already told others again. This is particularly embarrassing and uncomfortableEssence

So once you see red in the early pregnancy, some mothers are particularly panicked and hurried to the hospital in a hurry!

The first: I don’t know how to bleed in bed during pregnancy

Many mothers know that when they are pregnant, they have been pregnant for more than a month, mainly because they should not come to test the pregnancy inspection stick when they should not come when menstruation, or go to the hospital for urine testing.

In fact, when the fertilized eggs are in bed for 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy, many mothers will find that the underwear is a little red red when she goes to the toilet in the morning.Some mothers have noticed it, but afterwards, they found out that they were gone and did not take care of it.

Later, I found out that I knew when I was pregnant. The original redness was bleeding from implantation caused by fertilized eggs into the uterus.

【how to respond】

It is necessary to distinguish whether to bleed in bed. Bed bleeding is usually 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy, and the amount of bleeding is very small.

If one month later, my mother already knew that she was pregnant before bleeding, and the amount of bleeding was relatively large. I had to go to the hospital quickly. It may be an ectopic pregnancy or abortion of hydatidum.

Second: Constipation bleeding

In the early pregnancy, mothers have severe morning vomiting because of the rise of human velvet gonad hormones.

In the morning vomiting, the appetite is not good, resulting in less foods that the mother eats, and there are naturally few food residues of food.

The hormone action is slow, and there are few residues in the stool. Many mothers will easily cause constipation. Once constipation, the mother will not only go to the toilet, but also may cause anal bleeding due to strong stool.

Constipation may also cause the mother’s hemorrhoids, and it is more likely to have blood in the stool after hemorrhoids.

【how to respond】

Mom eats some foods that can promote intestinal peristalsis, such as dragon fruit, Xi Mei and whole wheat bread.

Pay attention to the intake of water, and pay attention to regular urination.

You can usually do some gentle exercises to promote intestinal peristalsis. It is too serious. You can consider using Kaisalo.

Third: gum bleeding

In addition to getting up in the morning and rushing to the toilet in the early pregnancy, she spit through the toilet. When brushing her teeth, she also unexpectedly found that she was stained with blood in the toothbrush, and even blood was even when she spit, making the mother panic.

Mainly because the mother often vomiting in the early pregnancy, it will stimulate the teeth. With less food, the intake of vitamin C is not enough, which can easily lead to insufficient vitamin C, the capillaries are fragile, and the capillaries under the gums can easily break and bleed.

【how to respond】

It is recommended that the mother buy a soft toothbrush. When brushing her teeth, it is slightly gentle. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in daily life to supplement vitamin C.

After eating food every day, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with mouthwash. After rinse, you can clean your teeth and gums with your dental floss.

Therefore, in the early pregnancy, the three parts of the mother are prone to bleeding, and the mother must learn to deal with it.In addition to the redness of the three parts, mothers in the early pregnancy are often spit, emotional fluctuations, headaches, cramps and other problems?

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