What should I do if the queen is pregnant unexpectedly in history!

Cixi was the most popular Li Lianying, but a man named An Dehai.However, people do not understand the pure body of Andehai, because during the Qing Dynasty, the pure body was complete through sufficient medical conditions and familiar methods, which can achieve complete and complete.This can prevent health problems to a certain extent, and even the body of the chicken can be kept intact.But Andehai’s net body has not been completely thorough, which makes people feel puzzled.

Early eunuchs were not innocent, and some of them did have certain skills, but during the Qing Dynasty, even under such surgical conditions, it was difficult to maintain vitality.These people are regarded as the pride of heaven.If only Andehai is unfortunately regarded as an eunuch, many people will not believe it, and if Li Lianying also has this skill, it will not be a surgery accident, but a physical need, or more precisely to meet political needs.

Li Lianying is good at please Cixi, because he knows how to please women to please women, not just combing her hair on the surface, but to sort out and tune.Therefore, the two will communicate frequently overnight.However, such things are not proven by the history.Compared with King Qin’s mother, his evidence is more sufficient.In the Qing Palace, especially in the palace of the queen queen, there are a lot of palace girl services. Many of them will do some miscellaneous services for Cixi, such as pouring tea, stacked beds, and so on.Therefore, in such an environment, Cixi has a small chance of getting pregnant.From this point of view, whether people like Li Lianying can be loved by Cixi still have uncertainty.

Although Cixi is not good, she still has a certain taste.If she does not have these tastes, she will not be called Cixi, but she is called another name.(What should be named appropriate?)

Of course, some records may be nonsense for the queen mother’s pregnancy.I think the Empress Dowager Cixi is unlikely to get pregnant.

In fact, the queen mother’s pregnancy is a very serious issue, which will affect the dignity of the country.Just like an unmarried first in the early years, this is not only a face issue, but also a question about national dignity.Even women like Wu Zetian dare not wipe their guns and get angry.Therefore, there are only two choices for the queen mother of pregnancy: the child is dead, or the child is fine, but the doctor is going to die.

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