What should I do if the pregnant mother’s belly is flatulence?To achieve "4 more, 1 less" can be relieved, it will help the baby’s healthy development

Many people will have flatulence in their lives. Generally, they may not care too much, but they must pay more attention to pregnant women, because once flatulence may bring great adverseness to the fetal development. At this timeRelieve and treat in time.So what should pregnant women do when the belly is flatulence?

The effect of flatulence on the fetus on the fetus:

Once the pregnant woman’s belly is flatulence, there may be a phenomenon of unknown diet, and the stomach will also be very uncomfortable, which will have a great impact on normal absorption and digestive capacity, and even picking eaters often.The long -term supplementation of fetal nutrition will have a great impact, and eventually it will be unfavorable to fetal development.

Causes of flatulence in the stomach of pregnant mothers:

The reason why pregnant women have flatulence in the stomach is that the hormone in the body has changed a lot, and the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption ability begins to deteriorate, which leads to flatulence.In addition, it may be caused by dietary problems. If you often eat foods such as pasta or beans often, or too fast when eating food, you may cause flatulence.

Pregnant mother’s bloating solution:

1. Eat less meals

Once the pregnant woman’s belly is flatulence, pay more attention to the diet. For example, you can’t eat too much at once during meals. It can easily lead to increased gastrointestinal burden and flatulence.Therefore, it can be relieved in the form of less meals, and the effect is very good.

2. Drink plenty of boiled water

If pregnant women usually have flatulence, they may wish to drink boiled water frequently, which will help the body’s metabolism and will bring great help to bowel movements.But try not to drink cold water or carbonated drinks when drinking water, it is best to drink boiled water.Drinking water during pregnancy will help the cleaning of amniotic fluid and provide a better environment for the healthy development of the fetus.

3. Eat more foods containing cellulose

Once the phenomenon of bloating for a long time, it is difficult to relieve only the loss. At this time, pregnant women may wish to eat more foods containing dietary fiber and insist on eating fruits and vegetables. This will help the gastrointestinal absorption and digestion.Solving problems such as flatulence.

4. Exercise more, massage your belly more

Once flatulence often occurs, we cannot stay in bed all the time, but instead persist in exercise and have more time to take a walk. This will help the gastrointestinal absorption and digestion.At the same time, you can also massage your belly, which will help gastrointestinal motility and alleviate flatulence.

Summary: During the pregnancy, the flatulence of the stomach makes pregnant women feel very uncomfortable. At this time, you must pay attention to daily dietary details and precautions, so as to help relieve flatulence.

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