What should I do if the pig is sparsely cured?The easiest way to pull the piglets, teach you this article

Today, a farmeter consulted that their piglets were thin and they could not be cured. What was going on?In this article, let’s answer this question.Pigs are not healed for a long time, let’s introduce them in both cases.

The first case: The diarrhea of milk pigs can not be cured for a long time.

If the dilutes of milk pigs are cured for a long time, there are generally two reasons, one is the problem of sow milk; the other is the problem of environment and temperature.Sow’s milk is poisonous or poor. The piglets will be thinner when they eat milk. Although the medicine is used to stop diarrhea, the piglets are still eating milk, and they will continue to diarrhea.The other is the attitude of bacteria in the environment. Disinfection and hygiene are not up to standard, or the temperature is too low, and the piglets are prone to cold.If these two factors exist, the pig’s diarrhea is cured, and it will recur, so it will become a problem of long -term cure in the breeding hukou.

Therefore, we generally recommend that farmers use during the sow’s pregnancy, use: maternal animals Tai Bao+Kim Tuomao+Multi -Vita Pacific, and use it for sow pork.Purify the hepatic and internal heat of the sow, solve the speed of mold, and supplement sow nutrition. In this case, sow pigs are healthier after giving birth, and sow milk is just right. Naturally, there will be no problems of piglet diarrhea and diarrhea.If the pigs that have been produced are too late to prevent it, then use it: prosperous milk is too guaranteed to improve the quality of sow milk milk, and it can also solve the mother -derived diarrhea well.

As for the environment or temperature, it can only start from the breeding level. Usually disinfection, pay attention to the insulation of piglets.For the treatment of diarrhea, you can use traditional Chinese medicine: Like Taibao, plus western medicine: sulfate viscosin, pouring the piglets together, stopping diarrhea and sterilization, and the treatment effect is good.Of course, if you do not recur, you have to do a good job of disinfection and heat preservation. Otherwise, no matter how good the treatment plan is, it is impossible to avoid recurrence.

The second case: weaning small pig diarrhea cannot be cured for a long time

Broken pig diarrhea is generally nutritious diarrhea. At this time, use: conservation is too guaranteed to prevent and treat them well.However, if the pig’s diarrhea is too long and the intestinal mucosa has been damaged. At this time, it becomes habitual diarrhea, then the solution is more troublesome.First of all, it is necessary to use: conservation too much guarantee, conditioning intestinal flora; second, use: sulfate viscosin, repair intestinal mucosa, sterilize, and promote the growth and development of piglets.At the same time: Like Tai Bao, stop diarrhea.Such a complete solution can solve the habitual diarrhea caused by weaning pigment’s intestinal mucosa.

There is another situation caused by the stubborn diarrhea of pigs, which is caused by the virus of the end. The symptoms are generally small pig diarrhea.At this time, the core is to solve the problem of ring virus. It is recommended to use: Blue Circular Non -Tai Po+Amoxicillin+Conservation Tai Bao+Like Tai Bao, antiviral, circular ring, intestinal tuning, anti -diarrhea, promoting growth, multiple effects together togetherTo play a role, we can solve the long -term diarrhea of weaning piglets caused by the ring virus.

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