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Pregnant women are a disadvantaged group and need to protect them well. In the second trimester, the body is slowly bulky, the fetus is developing well, and the fetus will slowly affect the pregnant woman’s lumbar spine. Sometimes the pain is unwell.How to do it?What are the treatment methods of back pain in pregnant women?

How to relieve low back pain during pregnancy

Sleeping position

When pregnant women are pregnant, they must master the correct sleeping position. If the sleeping position in supine position is adopted, it will affect the blood supply of the uterus and increase low back pain.

Therefore, it is recommended that when the mother lay down, she bent her legs first to support the pelvis, and then twist the pelvis gently until the waist is adjusted to the position that she thinks it is more comfortable.

Then take the posture of the left side position, so that not only can reduce the compression of the uterine organs, ensure the blood flow of the uterus and placenta, reduce the veins of the lower limbs, relieve the waist pressure, allow the waist to relax to the greatest extent, and correct the uterus of the uterus.The degree of right rotation improves the problem of incorrect fetal position in the middle and late pregnancy.

When pregnant women use the left side position, they will bend their legs one after the other, and they also have requirements for the choice of beds. It is not advisable to use too soft beds.

get up

When you get up, do not sit up immediately from the flat posture. It should be the sideways first, and it is helpful to help.

Standing posture

Most pregnant mothers like to arch their backs, and their abdomen stand forward to maintain their body balance, but this posture will increase the burden on the waist.

Therefore, when the pregnant mother is standing, she should lift her head flat, keep her waist straight, stretch the back muscles, and the feet are slightly separated and pointing in the same direction to allow the gravity to distribute to the thighs and abdomen, and reduce the burden on the back of the waist.

Sit on a sitting position

When pregnant women sit down in daily life, do not force too much force. They must move slowly. First sit on the edge of the chair, then twist the waist gently, and then lean on the back of the chair.

After sitting, keep the shoulders straight. The hip and knee joint should be right corners, and the thighs are placed horizontally.In addition, the height of the table and the chair should be matched, try to find a back chair, do not choose a stool or too soft sofa.


Some lightweight housework can help work, but if you raise heavy objects, stand on a high place, pick things up, and back to heavy bags. These housework will cause pregnant mothers to hurt the waist inadvertently. ThereforeShare.

Precautions for pregnant women

1. About pregnancy, take a timely treatment

The body signal of pregnancy varies from person to person. The initial response was relatively mild, not specific, and was often ignored. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to the menstrual date. If contraceptive measures are not good, the menstruation should be highly vigilant.Determine pregnancy and leave yourself as much as possible to decide how to treat new life.

Because the earlier the pregnancy time, the smaller the damage of the woman’s physical and mental, and the earlier the health care during pregnancy, the smaller the risk of the mother’s unintentional injury to the fetus.

Especially in the first three months, we must take it seriously. Once you confirm your pregnancy, you should immediately go to the hospital to establish a siege health care card, enter the local perinatal health care network, conduct a prenatal examination of systems, participate in a pregnant woman lecture.Actively cooperate with doctors to understand the history of pregnancy and related medical history.

2. Control weight

At this stage of pregnancy, this time is the critical stage of embryonic development, but there are not many nutritional nutrition, so pregnant women do not eat too much at this time.

Otherwise, it is likely to lead to excess heat and transform into fat. In addition, most pregnant women do not like exercise at this time, which will inevitably lead to fat accumulation and cause excessive weight.

Experts point out that the weight growth during pregnancy is very normal, but it is necessary to pay attention to controlling excessive weight growth, otherwise it is very unfavorable to pregnant women and fetuses.

3. Balanced diet

In the first three months of pregnancy, although there is no special supplementary nutrition, appropriate nutrition must be increased. Only in this way can the embryo get enough nutrients to grow and develop.

Therefore, in the diet in the early stages of pregnancy, we should try to ensure the diversification of each meal, and to promote the absorption of various nutrients.

However, pregnant women should pay attention that at this time, some bad eating habits should be corrected, such as picky eaters, partial eclipse, etc. These bad eating habits will cause dietary imbalances, and may even lead to insufficient nutrition.

4. Don’t make up blindly

Once pregnant, there are many pregnant women who think that during this period, they can eat foods with high nutritional value and eat more supplement foods. In fact, this is an incorrect idea. The tonic still depends on the physical condition of the pregnant woman itself.

Don’t think that you can replenish casually during pregnancy. Some nourishing products on the market are not suitable for early pregnancy, and even some nourishing products are not suitable for eating during pregnancy. This is because these nourishing products contain a lot of hormones.If you take early, it is likely to lead to bad consequences.

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