What should I do if my husband does not want to cook for six and a half months?

I believe that many pregnant mothers who refuse to take care of their elders do not need to take care of, but want to take care of her husband.

The child is two people, but has been staying in the mother’s belly. The changes in hormones and the uncomfortable reaction of pregnancy are all pregnant mothers experience.Big trotters, except for the sperm, the body has not changed much. This is an objective fact, and it is also a place where many pregnant mothers think are "unfair".Therefore, the husband does need to pay special attention and take care of her husband during pregnancy.

However, not every dad can consciously adapt to such an identity.

For example, my husband belongs to the kind of straight steel man in his eyes.

I felt dirty, but he didn’t feel that he told him to mop the ground, and he waved casually.

His shoes in front of the house have always been messy.

When he washed his clothes, he stuffed all the washing machines such as pantyhose and so on.

He didn’t say it if he washed the dishes clean, or he would not clean up the waste waste, or wiped the table without wiping the table or wipe the stove.

The water in the water dispenser will not take the initiative to mix it. He tells him to mix him with only a little bit, let alone take the initiative to pick me up a glass of water. I have that energy to show him, suggesting that he has been picked up for three cups for a long time.Intersection

If you are staring at him, I will often be embarrassed and quarrel with him.In fact, there is no. On the one hand, for a few years of marriage, he has always been like this and decided to have a baby. In fact, he is also ready to accept these shortcomings.After all, people have no one.

On the other hand, he also has many places to do well, such as accompany me with a checkup.Choose a hospital, and the confinement center is compared with various collections.What kind of medicine should I take at each stage during pregnancy, he will arrange for me according to the doctor’s recommendation.

I am willing to pay more attention to the good places he made, not staring at his deficiencies.

When the fetus moves, I will pull my hand to put my belly and feel it.He cooks for me. I eat less if it is not delicious.

Now that I am in the third trimester, I will be inconvenient to move. In the morning, I asked him to get up. In fact, when he was not there, I rolled down.

When I was tired, I told him that he had no food and asked him to buy me for dinner.I do n’t want to clean up when the house is dirty, so just two days, wait for him to pack up on weekends.There is no need to evaluate cleaning and hygiene every week to flow.Eating takeaway does not cause harm to the baby.Relax the standards, you both can breathe.

The subject, the pregnant mother is happy, but suppresss her emotions, saying that if you do n’t want to be angry or cry for your baby, you will eventually erupt.If you can’t adjust it, you can go back to your mother’s house safely, then go back and rest. If you can’t go back, ask your mother to take care of you for a while.Psychological and negative resistance, you need to guide him to encourage him as much as possible, let him participate in the breeding process, and to face the big event that the baby is about to be born together.

The following is the original text:

I am at the 36th week of pregnancy, just nine months.

Throughout pregnancy, I basically cook myself, take care of my nutritional needs and taste, wait for my husband to go home for dinner, and give him the bento of the next day at noon.

Both of us are basically three dishes.

The bento brought to him, like curry chicken rice, cooks a little more at a time, convenient and money.

Little fried chicken, big plate chicken, taro chicken, potato roast chicken.

Steamed fish, grilled fish, sauerkraut fish, braised fish.

Garlic shrimp, spicy shrimp.

Beer duck, konjac duck …

Take turns.In fact, this kind of stew is skilled and fast, with meat and vegetables, clean and convenient and money.

When the pregnancy reaction was severe, my mother -in -law had been here for a few days. I could only eat white water to cook vegetables during that time. I could only eat some white water. My mother -in -law looked at me to eat grass, making me even more like a needle felt.So I rejected her proposal to take care of my.Sometimes I want to eat "Mom’s Taste" and copy one with memory.Soon the pregnancy vomiting was ended, and he was energetic.

I was pregnant with no experience. My husband was worried that I was inconvenient to move. I guaranteed that he was not reluctant. If he didn’t want to cook, he ordered takeaway. As a result, he did not expect that until nine months, he was still a flexible belly woman.Not only can you cook, you can wash your clothes and mop all.

You can also make desserts and roast cakes by yourself.

My husband will cook for me while resting on weekends, and we will buy it after eating.

Pregnant women need to consume protein every day. The family always prepare chicken, duck, ribs, and linsea. When used, thaw, beef tendon is divided into small pieces and freezes. Each time I thaed a piece of dishes, the vegetarian can also purchase the refrigerator and put it.Some dishes are fine for a week.

Pack yourself into a small bag of freezing. Take a bag of cooking every time you eat, with some vegetables, and get it in ten minutes.Carbon, protein, and vitamins are available.If you are troublesome, you can buy supermarkets quickly.

The above are some practical methods of cooking by myself. During my pregnancy, I have more meals than before, but the cooking skills have improved a lot.If you have energy, you can work hard and make hard dishes. If you have no energy, you can make a few fast -handed foods without energy.


The question owner’s question is actually more of a feeling of grievance. He has a child to have a child for this man. As a result, he does not insist on cooking in the end. He feels insecure. Even after the brain is supplemented, the child is born.Every day, you should not call the earth that is not spiritual.

But in fact, we have half of our responsibilities, isn’t it? The children are not all born for men. We have also made a decision to want TA. As a mother, the best prenatal education for our children is a happy mood and a balanced mentality.

Don’t force yourself. If you don’t want to cook, you can order takeaway. I feel that eating takeaway is not good, and it ’s laborious to buy food. Buying and delivery of foods is always more difficult than difficulties.

Occasionally ask the younger sister to have a meal, or rub the hot pot with her husband.

I do n’t ask for others. Your husband is right. He has a place to eat three places a day. If he did n’t do housework very much before, you let him take care of you suddenly.The child was not in his stomach, he couldn’t always experience your feelings.

My husband once said to me that he often forgot that I was a pregnant woman.Indeed, in addition to the slowdown of the stomach, those pregnant reactions during pregnancy are gradually impossible to suffer.

The two sons welcome the arrival of a new life together. Don’t engage in opposition. It is best to join hands to constantly affirm and encourage each other, because there are waves of biggest difficulties in the back, isn’t it?

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