What should I do if my female soldier is pregnant?All countries are dealt with like this, netizens: long -term insight

Now in various countries, in addition to recruiting the main male soldiers, many positions that need to be served by female soldiers have also been carried out.The female soldiers are not suitable for training every few days, so some people ask what if the female soldier is pregnant in the army?We all know that it takes 10 months to raise a child, which means that the female soldiers will not participate in training in these 10 months.In fact, no one has to wait, because the female soldiers have been very common during their pregnancy, but the treatment of each country is different.

Japan is an aging country. This is why many male soldiers are needed, but the male soldiers still cannot meet the demand for the number of people. Therefore, Japan has expanded the recruitment of female soldiers and invited female stars to promote the army. The purpose is to attract the purpose of attracting the army.More male soldiers enter the army to serve.Therefore, the Japanese female soldiers will not be fired during service. On the contrary, they will give them a few more maternal costumes.

The other two countries, the United States and British female soldiers are pregnant in their troops, so the military scandal in these two countries has been high.These two Western countries shouted the slogan of freedom all day and asked everyone to be equal, but in the army, the rights of these female soldiers were not guaranteed.Some female soldiers broke the news to the media. The most afraid of them was not the enemy’s bullets but the male soldiers who came out at night.

It is even more interesting to deal with such things in Britain.Generally, the British army government will seal the fees for these female soldiers. What is even more exaggerated is that some female soldiers do not know who their children are when they get production.

However, in China, the female soldier’s pregnancy in the army was resolutely not allowed.The specifications of the Chinese troops are very strict. The most Chinese soldiers talk about loyalty. Their loyalty is not only the country, but also the party, and their own partners.Therefore, the love and marriage of soldiers can be carried out by organization approval.In addition, China pays special attention to military marriage. Without special circumstances, it is impossible to divorce when receiving marriage.

In fact, we can see from the cross -circle love of soldiers He Jie and Jun Jun Zhang Xinyu. When He Jie got married, the Chinese PLA blessed the new couple on the official website and expressed high praise to Zhang Xinyu.When the two of them came out to pick Dongxi to dress up their new homes, they were photographed by paparazzi and netizens. Zhang Xinyu accused the behavior of these people on Weibo.In addition, she also reported to the organization. She and her husband He Jie had a long time to get along with. I hope everyone respects and protects the whereabouts of the Chinese PLA.

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