What should I do if my dog mating and pregnancy … Novice Ma Ma has no experience?Remember these 10 o’clock!

There were often many parents who asked about dog mating and fertility.

Many masters are also the first time to raise pets. Dogs are also the first time and birth. In the face of this situation, they are often at a loss. At this time, some people who come over are needed, so let’s talk about dog production things today.Hope to help everyone.

1. Generally speaking, it will be better to mate after the dog’s second estrus. At this time, the dog’s body is relatively mature.The baby’s body size is too large, causing accidental accidents. The size of the male dog and the bitch cannot be too different.

2. The bitch does not have to supplement nutrition in the early days of pregnancy. It is sufficient to eat normally. Many owners see that the dogs are pregnant and quickly serve the big fish and meat.Okay, it is too big, and it is easy to produce at that time.

If the dog’s appetite is not good at the early pregnancy, you can prepare some wet food, or cook some meat for the dog to change the taste.

Generally speaking, one month after pregnancy can be increased according to the amount of dogs’ food. At this time, some dogs will increase the amount of food, but it must also be controlled. Do not eat too much, and can supplement nutrition.

3. After pregnancy, try not to take a bath for the dogs. You can simply clean it to avoid the dogs running violently and exercise reasonably. After a month, you can add some calcium to the dog.

4. Many owners will come to ask what to prepare. To put it simply: the place where the production is, the big dog’s nest or the big cage box, the diapers, the old clothes mats, iodine, scissors, etc.Dogs supplement physical nutrition cream.

5. Generally, dogs are pregnant for about 60 days. The owner must be prepared early. Two days before childbirth, they may suddenly not eat, breathe in large mouths, and have planing movements.

6. Those who have the conditions can go to the pet hospital for a test after one month of pregnancy, make a B -ultrasound or X -ray, determine the number of dog babies, and look at the situation of the dog baby.

7. Although the dogs will give birth to themselves, many pets now rely on the owner, so many pets do not know how to deal with it. They still need to help the owner.Accidents, timely medical treatment.

8. Most dog production will be in the middle of the night or early morning. The owner needs to pay attention to it in advance to avoid nervousness and helplessness.

9. The bitch after giving birth to the baby is very weak. The owner needs to take care of it and supplement nutrition in time.

Some may not be willing to eat, try to try some other foods as possible, cook some chicken beef and the like, and even drink the dog’s mother to drink it. You can also soak the dog’s goat milk powder. Remember not to eat too much too muchGranny, not good for dogs and puppies.

10. In the past few days when the puppy was born, do not let the dog mother press it to the puppy, which can easily cause suffocation.The dog mother and the puppy must be surrounded. Do not have a gap. The puppy can climb to avoid falling into the gap.At the same time, we must also pay attention to cleaning, maintain hygiene, and often change the mattress to avoid bacterial breeding.

The last is to congratulate you to mention a group of cute little milk dogs. Remember to take a responsible new home for puppies. If the bitch does not intend to give birth, you must do a good job in time ~

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