What should I do if my cat is diarrhea?What are the methods of home treatment

Cat diarrhea is a common disease. Being cold, improper diet, and enteritis can cause cat diarrhea to cause cats to diarrhea. The cause of cat diarrhea must be found and prescribed the right medicine.

Determine the severity and overall status of cat diarrhea.

If the cat is still bouncing except for the stool and is full of energy, it may also be just a moment of eating. If it is only slight diarrhea, no vomiting, you can eat and drink water, and it feels not bad, then you can first first use it.Home for treatment.

What are the methods of home treatment?

There is no need to fast for cat diarrhea.This will prevent the intestinal self -repair and cause cats to suffer from liver lipid deposition.The best way is to simplify the cat’s diet.Stopping snacks, do not feed the leftovers at home, try to provide core and nutritious cat food as much as possible.

A cat may have been eating the same food for many years. If you change new food, remember to follow the laws that follow the measures and gradual measures when you change food.First adjust the proportion of new foods, or change all back to the original food.When the cat’s lean symptoms can be relieved, change the food gradually.You can also extend the cycle of food change to make cats easier to accept.

Add a certain percentage of new foods every day, allowing cats to adapt to two or three days, and discovered that the stool continues to gradually increase until it is fully replaced.

Catal diarrhea of certain types becomes better through low fiber (highly digestible) diet.If a cat does not often have diarrhea, but a large amount of feces occur during diarrhea, then the low -fiber diet may be worth trying.

Cats with diarrhea need to supplement sufficient water to prevent dehydration.Make the cat’s water bowl full of fresh and clean water, and add an additional bowl with diluted chicken or beef soup.

You can also replace coarse -grinding food with canned food.Or add a tablespoon of warm water to canned food.

When cats are scarce, some probiotic products can also be used to appropriately reduce the total amount of food feeding every day.

When cats are scarce, some probiotic products can also be used to appropriately reduce the total amount of food feeding every day.The healthy bacteria in the cat intestine are necessary for normal digestion.Sometimes when they are destroyed, diarrhea.Probiotics can help cat’s intestinal bacteria to return to normal.

If cat diarrhea has not been solved after a few days of observation and treatment, or his overall situation becomes worse, not better, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

At the same time, pay attention to these aspects of life

Intestinal parasites, tapeworms, etc. will accelerate intestinal peristalsis and cause cat diarrhea. Blood wires may be seen in the stool. It is recommended to repel deworming once every three months. Pay attention when feeding.It is not recommended to feed 12 hours before and 12 hours after feeding.

When the living environment and food have not changed, there is still a diluted situation. It is probably caused by cooling. Remember to keep the cat’s heat preservation for the cat.

Note: The acute diarrhea caused by diet usually improves significantly within 3 days.If you still do n’t see it after 3 days, you have to go to the hospital.

Cats are a very endurance animal, and even if they are uncomfortable, they will not be obviously manifested.So usually, pay attention to observe whether the cat’s diet and mental state are different.

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