What should I do if my appetite is poor, do not want to eat, and have no appetite?Listen to the Gastroenterologist at 5 o’clock

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Ye

I often leave a message to consult with fans. What should I do if I have no appetite and have no appetite?What should I do if I don’t want to eat if I don’t be hungry when I get a meal?Today, I mainly combine my own clinical experience to give you popular science.

There are many reasons for the poor appetite. Many diseases clinically have a bad appetite and do not want to eat, but some people in life are not of any diseases, or they are in a bad mood.Fatigue has caused no appetite. Today, I will give you a popular science how to improve their appetite and how to improve these small problems.

As the saying goes, "People are iron rice or steel, and they are not hungry and panic." In order to maintain normal physiological needs, our human body must absorb nutrients and energy from the foods they eat.It feels, but if you do n’t eat for a day or two, you will lack nutrition and lack of energy performance. The whole body is soft and fatigue.

What is "appetite"?Severe is an idea and physiological needs to eat.Why do some people have the desire to eat?There are many reasons for poor appetite?

It can be divided into two categories. One is that it is really ill and causes appetite, and the other is psychological reasons such as mood and pressure.

So, who is prone to do not want to eat?

First: Generally, due to excessive fatigue or mental tension, too much work pressure in office workers, all brains have to manage tension and anxiety pressure. If you have no time to manage gastrointestinal tract, it may cause temporary sex to not want to eat.That is, when mental fatigue or nervousness, a temporary appetite will occur, usually one or two days.This is a relatively minor phenomenon. It can be understood in a popular gastrointestinal tract that is too nervous, anxious, and too fatigue. There is no time to want to eat, and the stomach is too tired. I don’t want to digest and absorb food.

Second: That is, the three meals are irregular. I do n’t eat at noon in the morning. I ’m overeating together at night.Sudden appetite does not want to eat.

Third: Some patients are nervous, and occasionally think about it without appetite. For example, if they think about whether their gastric disease is aggravated, whether gastritis has become serious, does gastric cancer grow?In the performance, nervousness, anxiety, and thoughtful thinking can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, cause appetite, and do not want to eat.

Fourth: Those who have a bad temper, some people will cause diet because of various quarrels, mother -in -law quarrels, husband and wife quarrel, quarrel with their children, or self -storms because of some small things.There should be such an experience in life. If you are in a bad mood, you will appear appetite and do not want to eat after quarreling.

Fifth: Some female friends will have nausea, vomiting, no appetite, or the side effects of some women oral contraceptives in the early days of marriage.

Sixth: Many people with psychological diseases and mental illnesses also have the problems of loss of appetite and do not want to eat. For example, patients with depression and anxiety, their attention is usually concentrated only on negative or troubled themselves, or simply troubles.Thinking is very complicated, you will lose interest in things and people around you, and items around you. At the same time, you are not interested in food. Naturally, you do n’t want to eat.Some patients with schizophrenia, such as victims, may feel that someone is poisoned in the food, and some people want to harm him. They will not want to eat. In this case, go to see a psychiatrist in time.

Seventh: There are also some people who see some loser. There are more gays. They have forced themselves not to eat for a long time.Methods to lose weight. This method is actually wrong. In the past, popular science. Long -term pumping of throat vomiting and weight loss can easily cause gastroesophageal reflux, acid reflux, heart burning, etc. to lose weight scientifically.Open your legs.

The above points are easy to cause loss of appetite and don’t want to eat. If you don’t want to eat in the short term, you can compare the above points to see if this is the case.

The second biggest point of not wanting to eat and loss of appetite is that some real diseases do not want to eat. If there is something wrong with the organs of the body of the body, it is easy to cause dinner. This is more complicated, especially those who do not want to eat for a long time.The problem is to go to the hospital for further examination, such as hepatitis, renal failure, thyroid dysfunction, various infection and fever and other diseases, which can easily cause appetite loss. If people do not want to eat for a long time, they will not be able to go to the hospital for further examination and body examination.

If you find that you or the people around you are not as adherent as usual, how can you tell if you really have any physical health?

You can do this. If you find that you or your family around you have no appetite and don’t want to eat, you exclude that he is not in a bad mood, no intentional anger, etc., and then take him to eat the food he usually eats, make good food, make delicious foodIf you still do n’t want to eat things, if you do n’t want to eat, especially if you do n’t want to eat for a long time in a row, you have to do a full -body examination.

What should I do if I encounter a bad appetite?I put forward the following suggestions based on my clinical experience.

1. First of all, there must be a regular and reasonable meal time. The law of three meals is also the basic requirement of nourishing the stomach. Often, I often eat at 10 o’clock in the morning.Eat, eat some snacks around 10 o’clock, but there is no appetite at noon.

2. Drink plenty of water. If you occasionally overeating, you can eat some vegetables and fruits after eating greasy foods to promote digestion. After a walk after meals, 1-2 hours of exercise after meals, it will be conducive to digestion, or half an hour before meals.Take a walk for a while, eating some appetizers such as hawthorn and olives is also conducive to promoting appetite.

4. Pay attention to maintaining a good mood and maintaining a good attitude. Do not lose your temper during meals, such as scolding your husband, scolding your wife, educating your children, etc., which will cause the family to have no stomach.Stressful work, sometimes you ca n’t eat meals and emotional tension and irritability, and excessive fatigue. At this time, you should relax the emotions under regulation, which will help increase appetite.

5. Eating some appetizing foods, sour food, and spicy food can promote appetite. Drinking a few sips of water before meal to jog or walk for half an hour can also promote gastrointestinal motivation and appetite.

If the above methods have been tried, and there are no nervousness, anxiety, poor mood, no thoughts, high work pressure, etc., or poor appetite, poor appetite, it is best to go to the hospital to check the safety first.

Okay, today’s popular science is here. I hope the above content will help everyone. I am Dr. Ye. A digestive doctor who teaches you how to maintain the gastrointestinal tract scientifically.The hospital’s gastrointestinal doctors are interested. Welcome to follow. Finally, I wish you all the gastrointestinal tract can be treated gentle by the world.

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