What should I do if I take contraceptives but get pregnant?Her approach is powerful!

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Xiaofang didn’t plan to have children so early. After two years of marriage, let’s talk about it for two years. Usually, the safety measures of the couple are very good. When they go out to play during the holidays, because she was not prepared in advance, she took a brand of emergency contraceptives afterwards.Thinking about nothing, I didn’t take it in heart, but the menstruation of next month was not delayed. At first, Xiaofang thought it was a menstrual disorders caused by too tired to work.It was too unexpected to find that I was pregnant. It was obviously that it was useless after taking contraceptives. The first problem of the brain was whether the contraceptive pill had an impact on the baby. This made her a bit unacceptable.A manufacturer of the drug who called the medicine requested compensation, but the manufacturer’s explanation is that the instructions have not indicated that it is not 100 % contraception, so the manufacturer is not responsible and cannot be compensated. However, the staff also asked herRest assured, say that such emergency contraceptives will not cause fetal malformations, so she should pay attention to check -up on time.Now her little apple is five years old, smart and cute, Xiao Fang is also glad that she decided to leave her at the time!

Although this ending is happy, not everyone will be so lucky, so you must prepare before pregnancy to stop contraception, especially the prospective mothers who take contraceptives for a long time.


Data show that women who have taken contraceptives within six months of pregnancy have a natural abortion and fetal chromosome disturbances. This is because contraceptives will have certain damage to embryo cells and human cell DNA. Under normal circumstances, under normal circumstancesThis kind of damage can be repaired after stopping the drug, so in the principle of eugenics and good health, it is safer to get pregnant after six months of discontinuation.

Internal Bareer

The principle of the in-uterine birthpool is to intervene in the endometrium of the uterus so that the fertilized eggs cannot bed. Therefore, for women who are preparing to get pregnant, it is generally recommended to take out the birthpool. After 2-3 normal menstruation, it is better.Essence

Emergency contraceptive

Because emergency contraceptives cannot be 100 % contraception, and contraceptives will face many uncertain damage after failure, try to avoid this contraceptive method. The best is to use tool contraception.


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