What should I do if I often take acid water during pregnancy?

Momo: I have been pregnant for almost six months, but my stomach often reflects acid, and it is getting more and more serious. From the stomach to my throat, my chest from the chest pain to the back, it is even more serious after eating sweets and milk.It will also drink boiled water.So I kept eating stomach acid, once I did n’t eat it, I was sour again after a while, but my stomach was full and I could n’t eat it. I really do n’t know what to do?When I asked the doctor during the birth check, she didn’t say anything, only to eat less sweet.

Hello Momo, I am glad to answer it for you.During pregnancy discomfort, the pregnant mothers are in trouble, they cannot take medicine, and they cannot bear it.

We are really not easy to conceive children. The problem of anti -acid water has always troubled many pregnant mothers. Today we will discuss the tricks to deal with gastric acid and alleviate the discomfort caused by stomach acid.

Pregnant mothers reflect acid water during pregnancy, referring to stomach acid from the stomach to the esophagus, causing stomach burning, and discomfort such as gastric acid.

After pregnancy, the uterus increases, the bottom of the palace increases the stomach, the gastrointestinal peristalsis is slow, the door distribution is relaxed, and the reflux of the gastric content stimulates the esophagus mucosa to cause burning sensation and corresponding bad symptoms.

The phenomenon of refractive water in pregnant mothers is related to the elevation of progesterone and estrogen in the body after pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant mothers should adjust some living habits appropriately to improve.

If the situation of anti -acid water is serious, you can seek the help of a doctor and take some drugs that are harmless to the fetus.

For stomach discomfort caused by pregnancy, if you can endure, it is not recommended to use drugs, because the side effects of the drug will affect the health of the baby and the pregnant mother themselves.

Through a safer method, taking micro-ecological preparations-奘 灵 可以 sugar can increase the beneficial flora in the body.Stimulation of gastric acid and diet to gastric ulcer surfaces to alleviate ulcerative pain, thereby effectively repair damaged mucosal tissue, which also relieves the pain of pregnant mothers.

1. Reasonable diet, eat less spicy food, and eat less foods that are prone to sour water, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., so as not to stimulate gastric acid secretion.

2. Eat less.Eat less and eat less before going to bed. Do not bed immediately after meals. Do not eat it every meal.

3. Loose clothing: In order to reduce the return of the esophagus, the clothes of pregnant mothers should be loose, and do not let too tight clothes hold the waist and abdomen.Do not wear too tight underwear, choose the right sleeping position, which can reduce the flow of food in the stomach at night.

4. Don’t smoke.How harmful the smoking is, I believe there is no need to say more …

5. Take medicine.A non -prescriber containing magnesium or calcium may also help you reduce the discomfort of the stomach, but you must consult your doctor before taking it, because some brands of acidic agents contain aluminum, aspirin or a large amount of sodium.

6. Keep it happy.After pregnancy, you must always maintain a pleasant mood. Good emotions can also govern gastric acid secretion nerves and coordinate the secretion of gastric acid.

7. Do not drink acidic beverages and liquids, such as: thick vinegar, lemon juice, wine, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc. Drink plenty of water. Once the stomach reflux foods are inverted, you can drink water immediately.

8. When sleeping at night, a few pillows or wedge -shaped cushions are cooked to raise the upper body, and the beds on the head are raised for 15 ~ 20 cm to raise the upper body 10 to 15 degrees, which can effectively reduce the esophageal backflow.

9. Eat less high -fat foods and sweets, you can take vitamin B 110 mg. Trying orally with Huoxiang granic 3 times a day will usually reduce the symptoms.

1. Massage the eyes with a cold towel

When vomiting starts, the front and sides of the head are painful, and the eyes even feel unable to open. Try to avoid reading and make eye massage.It is also effective to put the cold towel on the head and eyes.

2. Eat some sour plums

The vomiting stage prefers sour things, but it is best to soak the sour plums in the water and eat it, which can prevent too much salt.

3. Eat more cauliflower

Eat more cauliflower. The content of vitamin C in cauliflowers is extremely rich, which is equivalent to 4 times the Chinese cabbage. The content of vitamin B2 and carotene is 2 times and 8 times that of Chinese cabbage.Especially the green cauliflower, its vitamin C content is richer than ordinary cauliflower, which can be called the "warehouse" of vitamins.Caimai has the effects of appetizing, eliminating diet, stagnation, and rejuvenation, which can reduce reactions during pregnancy.

4, sweet and sour egg soup

Break the two eggs in the bowl, stir with chopsticks, add 30 grams of sugar and 100 grams of rice vinegar to mix well.Boil the water with the high heat, pour it in the evenly mixed egg liquid, and boil.It is very suitable for expectant mothers who have severe vomiting during pregnancy.

5. Always prepare tomatoes in the refrigerator

When you are on an empty stomach, you often feel that you want to vomit, so you must prepare things that can be eaten at any time, and put the tomatoes in a closed container and store them in the refrigerator.I feel a little hungry and eat.

6. Store raisins

He headaches can’t sleep, bad rest, and loss of appetite.I eat some fruits when I don’t want to eat, but it is a bit unrealistic to bring the fruit with you, so take the raisins with you.

7. Use lemon to adjust the smell

Because the pregnant mother is very sensitive to the smell, it is often uncomfortable because of smelling some smell. You can bring a piece of lemon on the car or on the body, so that you can regulate the smell.

8. Relax body and mind

After eating vomiting, the pregnant mother should not be nervous. You can do deep breathing, listen to music, or take a walk outdoors, and then continue to eat.


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