What should I do if I have a cold when I get pregnant?

Can you use a cold medicine when you are pregnant?

Answer: Try not to use it.Because most of the cold medicines are composite preparations, which contain a variety of ingredients, they will have different degrees of impact on pregnant women and fetuses.For example, antiviral drugs will affect the fetal brain development; fever drugs, anti -inflammatory analgesic drugs, antibiotics, expectorant, and cough drugs will have a certain impact on pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, for expectant mothers, you can use a cold during pregnancy without medication. If you must take the medicine, you must take it under the guidance of a doctor.

So how to treat it if you have a cold?The side effects of drug treatment are too large, and the following diet methods are used for treatment.

First, drink plenty of water, and drink plenty of water means going to the toilet, which can help "drive out" the cold virus, so it feels like drinking water when you catch a cold.If you feel that drinking water is too difficult to drink, you can choose some pure Chinese medicine granules such as Banlangen is a good choice.

2. Wipe the bath with 30%alcohol, or make a cold compress for wet towels.

3. If a cold is uncomfortable, you can also use pure Chinese medicine cough and sugar paddles, and Bupleurum injection to assist heating. Therefore, this method is recommended to not need it.

Fourth, apple honey water, cut the apple after peeling, cut into small pieces and boil water for a few minutes. After it is naturally cold, add the appropriate honey and stir well. Drinking multiple times can relieve the symptoms of colds.

Fifth, brown sugar ginger, cut ginger into shreds and brown sugar together with boiling water.

6. Drink more chicken soup. Chicken soup has the effect of improving human immunity. When pregnant women have a cold or weak constitution, they can drink more chicken soup.

7. According to the soup, the cabbage shallots are used to decoct a bowl with three bowls of water with the same green onion. Then add some brown sugar to take it while it is hot.

8. The hot air blows the face method, and uses the steel to alternate the temples on the left and right sides. Three times a day, each time it blows 5 minutes, it can effectively alleviate the problems of nasal congestion and runny nose caused by a cold.

Nine, the steam inhalation method is filled with water in the hot water bottle, and then placing the nostrils above the hot water bottle for deep breathing. For 10 minutes, it can relieve the nasal congestion caused by a cold.Also remind you to avoid burns when using this method.

Ten, sweat slightly, if the pregnant woman can exercise to promote sweat after a cold, and then wipe the sweat immediately to prevent the cold.

In fact, the most important thing for expectant mothers is not to think about what should do after a cold, but to start doing a good job of cold protection and warmth from before pregnancy, and pay attention to preventing colds.

1. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth. After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, it is easier to catch a cold. Therefore, you should pay more attention to keep warm, especially in autumn and winter.Keep warm, it’s best to wear more clothes when you go out.

2. Poor sleep, the poor resistance of pregnant women and the poor sleep quality have a direct relationship, so you must pay attention to sleep quality during pregnancy.

3. Maintain a good mentality. Pregnancy is a particularly happy and happy thing, so we must maintain a good mentality to enhance disease resistance.

4, sufficient water, pay attention to the intake of various vegetables and fruits.(99 Health Network (www.99.com.cn) special manuscript, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.)

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