What should I do if I have a cold for pregnant female cats?


A few days ago, the weather in Guangzhou was not good. Cats and dogs were prone to getting sick. The most troublesome of them was a cold, and the mother cat in pregnancy was even more troublesome because the medicine could not be used casually.So today I will share with you what to do if the female cat during pregnancy is sick.

Today I only share ordinary colds.EssenceEssenceEssence

An experience of a cat cold for pregnant women

First, cats are usually accompanied by clinical symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, appetite waste, fever, and conjunctivitis.

Some time ago, because the weather was not good, a pregnant woman in my family had a cold unfortunately. Because there was a cat at home, I was extremely nervous.In addition, I also know that I know that a lot of medicines cannot be used in the cat during pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to slip or even threaten the life of the female cat.I have experienced it, so I gave a certain amount of Spechen tablet plus cat ammonia (tire protection and cup -like drugs).At this time, all she ate it.

Later, the veterinarian station said that I did not dare to take medication for pregnant women, so I immediately took the Animal College for a blood -blooded examination (this one is very important) because it measuring whether a cat is a normal cold or a cat viral cold.Big premise.

According to the blood routine, my pregnant woman has only a little inflammation symptoms, so there is no need to consider cat cup -shaped and herpes such as viruses (it will be contagious, so it must be used as a blood routine).After the condition was determined, I asked the doctor to take a pupa for my cat and took it home.

After returning home, my pregnant woman still stuffed AD cans every day without eating. The frozen raw beef (high energy) plus cat ammonia to maintain the basic needs of her life.In terms of drugs, I have a atomization acceleration and vitamin C at home.My pregnant woman was sick for more than ten days and finally started eating, so it is very hard for pregnant women to have a cold.

The above is my personal experience. Let me share with you what to do with the pregnant cat.

Cat’s cold treatment

When you find that your pregnant woman and cat have a cold symptom, we first bring the nearest hospital for a blood routine examination. If there is only a little inflammation, you can do it according to the method I said.

Go to JD.com to buy a child atomizer (I have not seen pets for pets), ascended, vitamin C sulfuric acid celebritor injection and Houttuynia cordata injection and physiological saline 100ml.

Buy a cat ammonia, nutrition cream and canned food for later use. In addition, go to the market to buy some beef and go home to put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

After preparing the above things, we will start treatment

Medicine: Fay cats a day a day a day 2 times a day (about 10 pounds of cat 50mg of Sueno one by one in the morning and evening), and atomize twice a day (one bottle of galcin plus a bottle of Houttuynia cordata injection plus plus plus one bottle of Houttuynia cordata plus plus30ml physiological saline is atomized).3 toshizi C every day.When the situation is almost the same, the drug is halved until healing.

Diet: Put frozen beef 1 two every day, 1 cm of cat ammonia, and 1 cm of nutrition cream.

Until the cat eats normally.

The above is the formula for my treatment of pregnant cats. Among them, the atomization part is because I am afraid that the cat will choose to put the cat in the box for atomization, the effect is better.

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