What should I do if I encounter hyperglycemia during pregnancy?

October is a hard work. In this long process, if the health of expectant mothers encounter problems, it needs to maintain a good psychology and actively cooperate with conditioning.Take the gestational hyperglycemia!This is a relatively common pregnancy disease. How can prospective moms be conditioned if they encounter it?

1. How to discover your blood sugar high

Specific mothers must have a certain pathological common sense, and usually read more to understand the symptoms of some pregnancy diseases.If you have frequent urination and a lot of urine foaming each time, the urine stains are sticky and white, you need to pay more attention to it yourself, whether the blood sugar is elevated.Because blood sugar is lost from the urine, expectant mothers can easily feel thirst, drinking water is increasing compared to usual, and symptoms such as increasing diet in diet. The expectant moms are best to seek medical treatment in time after self -assessment.In order to detect early treatment and reduce the risk of pregnancy.

2. Causes of pregnancy hyperglycemia

Many prospective mummy can’t figure it out. There is no inheritance at home, and they are usually healthy. How can she have high blood sugar when she is pregnant? This is because they are affected by progesterone after pregnancy, which leads to less insulin secretion that controls human blood sugar and becomes less and less and less.cause.

3. Eating habits are important

Of course, the dietary habits during pregnancy are also a big problem. Poor diet habits are also an important factor that causes blood sugar to rise. After pregnancy, you must pay attention to the light diet. Some women make up for them after pregnancy.It’s high.Of course, there is also an elderly pregnancy that cannot be ignored, which is also an important factor that causes blood sugar to rise.

4. Focus on diet conditioning

During pregnancy, mild blood sugar rises. Specific moms must first focus on diet conditioning, eat more grain sugar to avoid the intake of polysaccharides.Enter too much food, prepare some sugar -free snacks, eat a little when you are hungry to avoid overeating.Like corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc., they are good healthy foods with low sugar -containing and nutritious. They can be eaten as snacks, or they make delicious snacks, delicious and healthy.

5. Appropriate exercise helps to reduce sugar

If there are symptoms of high blood sugar during pregnancy, the expectant mothers must not lie at home to rest. This is not conducive to the excretion of urine and the metabolism of the body.the most important.If sitting for a long time or lying down can affect the health of the mother and baby.In particular, the production process in the later period is even more risky.Therefore, the proper exercise of expectant mothers is also necessary. It is a good choice for walking, listening to music, swimming, and pregnant women yoga.

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