What should I do if I encounter "Eryang" during pregnancy?Obstetricians suggest to do this

"I have a fever, more than 38 degrees, and a little sore throat."

"I also got hot, a little cough and runny nose."

"Doctor, I have a high body temperature at home, my body is weak, and I still have a nasal congestion." …

Recently, there have been more patients with fever. After the hospital examination or self -testing of the antigen, it was found that it was "Eryang". Many people were worried about their mothers. What should I do if I encounter "Eryang" during pregnancy?Doctors at Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital specifically told you the precautions this time.

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After the new crown "Eryang", the overall symptoms will be gentle than the first time, and the recovery cycle is shorter; infected pregnant women should pay attention to self -health monitoring while strengthening self -protection.Symptoms.Those with conditions can also monitor the saturation of the peripheral blood oxygen.In addition, pregnant women in the third trimester need to pay attention to fetal movement.

If pregnant women are infected with new coronary viruses, conditional non -symptoms or mild patients can implement remote/online medical care, communicate with doctors to adjust the prenatal examination plan.

1. Pregnant women’s body temperature appears at a high fever that lasts more than 39 ° C;

2. Have obvious breathing difficulties;

3. Dizziness or headache increases, blood pressure rises, and vague vision;

4. Holding your breath, panic, and blurred consciousness;

5. Severe chest pain or cough; the self -feel is serious;

6. Occupible emergencies, such as painful contractions with laws or approaching the law;

7. Decreased fetal movement or abnormal frequent relief, or the fetal movement disappears;

8. vaginal bleeding, flow fluid, etc.

During prenatal inspections, we must also pay attention to these things:

According to the specific situation of pregnant women (such as the gestational week, whether there are special examinations, etc.) to communicate with the doctor, the production examination time can be adjusted appropriately if necessary;; System color Doppler ultrasound (20-24 weeks of pregnancy); gestational diabetes screening (24-28 weeks of pregnancy) and so on.

The above -mentioned inspection items have a critical time period. After communicating with the hospital and doctors in advance, the N95 mask should be regulated when you seek medical treatment.In the form of medical treatment, the online consultation method of Internet hospitals in Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is as follows:

According to relevant data, during the global popularity period, the incidence of natural abortion or birth defects has not risen, but as a person in a special period of physiology and psychology, pregnant women will inevitably have psychological pressure. Pregnant mothers should have more and friends and friends with their families and friendsCommunicate, do a good job of self -regulation, try to work and live normally, and maintain nutrition and health.If you are difficult to adjust yourself, professional psychological screening or consultation should be performed as soon as possible.

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