What should I do if I eat more about the weight of pregnant women?

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will find their weight soaring, and they can’t help worrying that they will affect the baby.And for the first pregnancy pregnant mother, I don’t quite understand the situation and do not know the reason for the skyrocketing.So, is the weight of pregnant women who eat more?

1. Is it too much to eat for pregnant women’s weight soaring?

Generally speaking, pregnant women’s weight rise is related to her diet. Many pregnant mothers will stop working after pregnancy, and then give birth at home. During this period, the family will let pregnant mothers rest well.Will you do something more tonic for pregnant mothers?Coupled with the changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant mothers will also change. Some pregnant mothers appetite widely, and it is an inevitable thing to rose crazy.

Pregnant mothers have risks in weight. If the weight increases too fast during pregnancy, especially if the weight increases by more than 1 kg every two weeks in the middle and late pregnancy, it is easy to combine pregnancy hypertension syndrome.For some expectant mothers with diabetic genes or special preference sweets, unreasonable diet structures during pregnancy are likely that gestational diabetes is likely to occur.Pregnant mothers overly supplement nutrition, and the weight gain is too fast, which will also make the fetus overweight, which may appear the possibility of giant babies.The fetus is too large and difficult to produce.Therefore, you should also eat reasonably during pregnancy to avoid eating fiercely and exercise moderately.

2. What should I do if the weight of pregnant women rises too fast?

1. Reduce foods with high blood sugar index.In order to avoid the aggravation of insulin resistance and weight gain to enters the vicious circle in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, we should vigorously promote nutritional guidance during pregnancy and reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes.

2. Control weight and eat a healthy diet.Avoid too much high -calorie foods, eat less sugary foods, eat only one of the fruits a day, insist on eating and eat more meals, you can consider a variety of nutrients with meals, and control the weight growth of the entire pregnancy at about 12.5kg.Three meals a day must be regular. You must chew slowly when you eat, and don’t swallow it.

3. Exercise appropriately, it is not accurate.Specific mummy can stick to walking after dinner every day, which can not only use the production reserves of the prospective mommy, but also help the expectant mummy consume excess calories and help the gastrointestinal digestion.

4. Learn to relax and welcome production with your normal heart.The greater the pressure, the easier it is to be obese.In this regard, all pregnant moms must learn to relax, choose a healthy way to release negative emotions, and welcome the baby’s arrival with their usual hearts.

Based on the above, pregnant women’s weight rise and eat more and have irregular diet. It has a lot to do. Pregnant mothers during pregnancy must restrain themselves and ensure healthy diet to ensure health.

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