What should I do if I don’t want to be a flower belly?(Pre -pregnancy part)


Many girls, do not want to get pregnant and have children, are partial because they are afraid of their growth marks and do not want to be a flower belly. They should start from before pregnancy!

It is undoubtedly surprising.But as a small life gradually grew in his body, many expectant mothers were more worried, because their shape and appearance were changing, especially the appearance of stretch marks made them unacceptable.

This is like this before pregnancy

This is like this after pregnancy

Who is so uncomfortable like this!Intersection

Stretch marks appear during pregnancy on the lower abdomen, hips, chest, back, or limbs, and purple or purple -red stripes.According to statistics, about 70%-90%of pregnant women will have stretch marks when they are pregnant.Although stretch marks are not harmful to physical health, they have brought great mental stress and psychological burden to pregnant women, which affects their quality of life.

Recently, there are more patients who consult stretch marks. Therefore, I checked medical documents about stretch marks I have published so far. Finally, I found that stretch marks are still an unshakable mystery.Treatment.I can’t help but feel a little regrettable. It is gratifying that people are still exploring this disease. I hope that in the near future, people can completely solve this problem and make the compatriots of women no longer suffer from this disease.Below I will share with you the gains of the information.I hope it will be helpful to everyone, and I hope everyone will continue to explore to find a better way.Then I hope that everyone will not be deceived in the treatment and prevention of this disease.

Why do stretch marks?

At present, the exact cause of stretch marks has not yet been determined, but most doctors believe that it is related to the injury of the dermis layer.Its mechanism is similar to the "scar formation reaction", which is caused by the fracture of collagen and elastic protein in the dermis layer.

Nani?Collagen and elastic protein are like sponges, exist in the dermis layer, keeping the skin elasticity.As the pregnant woman’s weight increases, the baby grows up, and the belly is getting bigger and bigger, so the skin is getting thinner and thinner. Finally, the tension reaches a certain limit. It cannot bear it, so the sponge is broken.The stretch marks are formed.

Therefore, most of the stretch marks begin to occur after 24 weeks of pregnancy.Because there is a certain growth time!

What are the risk factors affecting stretch marks?

① Genetic factors are important, and genes, races, and skin tone are related.Generally, people with white skin tone, the opportunity for stretch marks will be greater.

② Personal factors are younger for pregnant women (especially less than 20 years old), overweight (BMI> 26), drinking too much during drinking, and becoming too big in waist and hip, too low vitamin C in blood, too water in water, water water, water waterThe relaxation of less intake, and the relaxin (Relaxin) is too low, and it is easier to grow stretch marks.

In the study, women who were over 35 years old would become lower.Everything is good for everything!Older women who are over 35 years old will have many problems during pregnancy, and even genetic diseases such as Donaldia will increase, so don’t be born late for stretch marks!Then you may ask, how much is the best baby?It is generally believed that it is better to be 22 to 28 years old.

③ The fetal factors are too large, the fetus is too large, the fetus is late, the weight is overweight, the head circumference and the length are too large, which will be more likely to produce stretch marks.Because the fetus is too large, the belly of the pregnant woman is large and reaches a certain degree, which will cause collagen and elastic protein to break, thereby causing stretch marks.

Can stretch marks be prevented?

The prevention of stretch marks is also divergent. Some people say that they can prevent it, and some people say that there is no effect.Dreams are still there, in case of realization!Prevention should start in the early stages of pregnancy.The following are some points to pay attention to the need to prevent stretch marks.

Age -age

Proper age fertility, avoid premature (before 20 years old), but do not be too late, there will be other risks; everyone thinks that it is better to be young!This is a misunderstanding.This is indeed the case, but when it is too young, it may be due to the insufficient ductility of collagen and elastic protein, resulting in a high degree of break.

Control weight

Controlling weight is crucial, avoiding the production of stretch marks from the accumulation of fat.Generally speaking, the average weight increase during pregnancy is 10kg-12kg, and the weight gain should be gradual, and the weight increase of each month should not exceed 2kg.

Pay attention to exercise before pregnancy

Pregnant women should pay attention to physical exercise before pregnancy, especially abdomen exercise.Such as sit -ups, push -ups, etc.Women often do this kind of exercise, and most of them do not have stretch marks during pregnancy, even if they are relatively mild.Moderate exercise or light housework helps to recover skin elasticity, and the skin elasticity effect of increasing the skin elasticity of the waist and abdomen, hip, breasts, and inner thighs is obvious.

Pay attention to diet science

Pay attention to vitamin C and protein during pregnancy and before pregnancy.Such as trotters, eating more fruits and vegetables is also conducive to improving the nutrition and elasticity of the skin.Avoid too much sweets and fried foods.Try to eat fresh fruits, drink less fruit juice; drink lipid milk, drink less whole milk; drink soup, drink less soup; eat more low sugar fruit, eat less biscuits and salads.

Pay attention to skin moisturizing

Although moisturizing cannot prevent the emergence of stretch marks, research shows that using products with moisturizing skin every day can effectively reduce the severity of stretch marks.Another measure of skin moisturizing is bathing.Women who are preparing to get pregnant can rinse the body with a low water temperature and gently massage the skin with a soft hair bath, which can also effectively suppress the production of stretch marks.

Stick to warm water bath

Develop a good habit of bathing.To enhance the elasticity of the skin.Before bathing, ignite the aromatherapy, prepare a cup of hot milk, and then rub the abdomen and legs with a towel.The water temperature should not be too high during the shower. You can wash the abdomen with slightly cold water at the body temperature, and gently massage the skin of the abdomen, hips, breasts, inside of the thigh, waist, etc.

Massage with pregnancy cream

Pregnancy cream can be provided to skin moisture, which can not only slow down the tightness and dry itching caused by abdominal skin bloating, but also dilute the generated stretch marks and reduce the possibility of more stretch marks.It is recommended that from 3 months of pregnancy, to insist on abdominal massage within half a year after childbirth.The use of essential oils and professional slimming products is prone to stretch marks, such as abdominal, arms, thighs, breasts and back massage to increase skin elasticity.


Generally, pregnant women do not need to hold the belt, and pregnant women can use them in special circumstances.Such as polyphysis, too large fetal, buttocks, etc., the use of abdominal bands can prevent the uterus from sagging, protect the tire position, and reduce the pressure of the abdomen.Take the gravity burden on the abdomen, slow down the excessive extension of the skin, and the abdomen is too tight, which can be adjusted with the increase of the abdomen.

Keep a proper exercise

Under the permission of doctors, riding, walking, swimming, etc. are the best exercise methods, which can consume energy and help the body adapt to the changing future.Swimming is also very good for skin elasticity. You can use water resistance to skin massage to promote metabolism and consume excess fat.Therefore, it is recommended that conditions for women can swim moderately after postpartum constitution.

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