What should I do if I do n’t eat folic acid before pregnancy?These worries of new pregnancy may help you answer after reading

Everyone knows that if you want to conceive a healthy baby, you need to supplement folic acid at the beginning of pregnancy.However, some husbands and wives are unexpectedly pregnant. They have not prepared sufficient pregnancy and do not supplement folic acid. When they learn about their pregnancy, they may be a little worried and nervous when they are happy.What about a healthy and smart baby?

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Does not eat folic acid before pregnancy affect fetal development?

Couples during pregnancy should not only adjust their physical condition, but also need to supplement sufficient folic acid every day. In this way, it can prevent the baby’s deformed problems well, but for those female friends who plan to pregnancy outside the plan, there may be no pregnancy when preparing for pregnancy.Will eating folic acid affect the baby?

Moms don’t have to worry too much. As long as we do pregnancy examination during pregnancy, the baby has no abnormal development, and the appropriate amount of folic acid is added every day after pregnancy., Baby will not have any development problems.

I don’t know if I am pregnant, drinking

There may also be some unexpected pregnancy. It may not come when the menstruation is time to come, so many female friends will buy a pregnancy test stick to test, knowing that he is a pregnancy after pregnancy.At this time, female friends may not be prepared, and they may still drink alcohol in these days. Many female friends are also particularly worried and nervous for this. Many people may have encountered such a situation.

If you drink some wine before you measure your pregnancy, it will not cause much harm, because if the fertilized eggs are damaged by some alcohol, it cannot be continued to develop, then the pregnancy fails. IfIf you say successfully, there is no big problem. After pregnancy, we should not drink anymore, and will not hurt the baby’s growth and development.

How should I go through early pregnancy?

In the early pregnancy, it was pregnant. In the first three months, it was a period of unstable growth and development of the baby.The reaction, especially what to eat and vomit, is particularly worried about the insufficient nutrition of physical intake, which will affect the baby’s development.

Especially in the early pregnancy, a pregnancy reaction occurs is more normal, and it is also a way for babies to protect themselves. At this time, the baby’s development is not particularly fast, so the nutritional nutrition is not particularly much.Pregnant mothers should not worry. Pay more attention to rest. Pay attention to a reasonable diet to alleviate pregnancy.

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