What should I do if I check the uterine fibroids after pregnancy?There is no effect on the fetus?12 o’clock pregnant mothers know

Doctors will label "high -risk" mothers with uterine fibroids. However, expectant mothers should not be scared by "high -risk", but they are not so dangerous.However, will uterine fibroids affect the development of fetal treasure?Will you grow up with your baby?Can I still give birth naturally?Experts will answer the questions that expectant mothers care about in this issue.

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The uterine fibon grows with the fetus?

Uterine fibroids are a kind of benign tumor for women, and their prevalence can reach more than 20%.If the expectant mothers suffer from uterine fibroids, doctors will observe according to the symptoms, size, and positions of uterine fibroids in the expectant mothers to affect the development of baby and whether they will affect natural delivery.

Q What should I do if I check the uterine fibroids after pregnancy?

A generally speaking, doctors will not conduct special treatment, but they will list expectant mothers as "high -risk mothers" to regularly check fibroids and observe records.Specific mothers can continue pregnancy.

Q did the expectant mother have any impact on uterine fibroids on pregnancy?What do you need to pay special attention during pregnancy?

A generally, uterine fibroids may grow with the fetus.If uterine fibroids are not large, it usually does not affect pregnancy.Of course, there will be some corresponding problems. For example, fibroids will grow up, and expectant mothers may feel pain.After these conditions are encountered, specific problems need to be analyzed, and doctors will make corresponding treatment according to the situation of expectant mothers.If the fibroids are too large or due to the degeneration of fibroids, it may cause abdominal pain, premature birth, and even abortion, but these are small probability events.At present, there are almost no particularly effective methods to suppress fibroids, so expectant mothers only need to check regularly.

Q can expectant mothers suffer from uterine fibroids?

A uterine fibroids are determined according to factors such as uterine fibroids.If the fibroids happen to be in the cervix or the position where the fetus is blocked, the expectant mothers are often unable to give birth naturally.

Q If you choose a cesarean section, can you remove the uterine fibroids by the way?

A generally, doctors do not recommend removing fibroids at the same time during the cesarean section.Because if it is performed at the same time, the surgery time will be extended, and it may have a certain impact on the recovery of the uterus later.It is recommended to observe and treat fibroids after delivery.

Q If you find more than 2 uterine fibroids, will this affect natural delivery?

The amount of A fibroids is not directly related to whether it can be delivered, and the position is very related.Therefore, even if there is more than one fibroids, you can try to give birth.

Q had been eliminated by uterine fibroids before, and fibroids were found after pregnancy?

A should observe the judgment according to the conditions of the prospective mother.Generally speaking, it will not affect pregnancy, but it is recommended to choose a cesarean section.Because of this situation, the thickness of the expectant mother’s uterus will become thinner. When contractions occur, the uterine rupture may occur.Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a cesarean section without waiting for the production process.However, these are small probability events, don’t worry too much.

Q During the birth check, I found that the uterine fibroids are on the left and the fetal movement has been on the right side. Is this because of the impact of uterine fibroids?

A This needs to be judged according to the size and position of the fibroids.Generally speaking, if the fibroids are small, such as 2 cm, this has no effect on fetal activity.The general concentration of fetal movement is mainly due to the location of the fetus.If the fibroids are relatively large, such as 11 cm, it may occupy the space of some fetal activity.However, this does not have much impact on fetal development, so don’t worry too much.

Q will uterine fibroids grow along with the fetus?Will you grab nutrition with the fetus?

A may continue to grow up and may be accompanied by pain. This is caused by hormones after pregnancy, but generally does not affect the development of the fetus.

Q found that there is uterine fibroids after pregnancy, and there is a threatened abortion in the early pregnancy. Will this affect the development of the fetus?Will it be premature?

A fibroids may grow or cause pain.If it is stable in the middle and late pregnancy, it will generally not affect the development of the fetus, and the chance of premature will not be too high.

Will the fetus move in the uterus, will the uterine fibroids break?

A although the existence of fibroids may occupy the space of fetal activity.However, the saying of breaking fibroids during fetal movement is basically not foundation.The expectant mothers can rest assured.

Q How long can I have a second child after the uterine fibroid surgery?

A This needs to be judged according to the situation of the surgery.If it is a hysteroscopy that can be eliminated, it is often a submucosal fibroids, which does not affect the continuity of the uterine muscle layer. You can continue to get pregnant with short -term recovery.If the laparoscopy is eliminated, the norvisal fibroids can also be pregnant for a short period of time.If it is a fibroids between the muscles, excluding fibroids will destroy the continuity of the uterine muscle layer, and often you need to recover for 1 to 2 years before pregnancy.However, after the uterine fibroids are eliminated, they will choose to choose a cesarean section.

Q in the early pregnancy of uterine fibroids is relatively small, and it grows fast in the later stage. Will this affect the development of fetus?

A uterine fibroids are affected by hormones during pregnancy. It does grow slowly with the pregnancy time, especially the fibroids in the anterior wall muscle layer of the uterine.It is recommended to obey the doctors’ arrangements and check regularly, but this situation generally does not affect the development of the fetus.If the degeneration of fibroids cause pain in the later stage, it may cause abortion when it is particularly serious.

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