What should I do if I am pregnant or want to raise a cat and dog?Huaxi experts: can be raised, but you must not be raised casually!

In our fans of the rumor team, "pregnancy" is definitely one of the topics with the highest voices.

The previous questions are related to eating. For example, if you are pregnant, can you eat the sea?Can you eat mutton?Can you eat rabbit meat?Eat hot pot skewers barbecue ice cream coffee …

Recently, the realm of fans of foodies has improved, and from the desire of the appetite to the spiritual needs-

This topic has a good hot murmur, just leave a message at the interception point of the WeChat public account background. You can feel it.

In the homes of these messages, there have been controversy about pregnancy and cats and dogs.


Your female baby is not obedient, there are worms on cats and dogs, causing doll deformity!


It’s three!The girl of Zhang Yan next door was that she had always raised cats, and there was a miscarriage …


Even if the deformity and miscarriage may be a bit exaggerated, there are inevitable fleas and bacteria on cats and dogs. It is not good for pregnant women!


The opposite of these worries is ———

Pregnant woman A

How can I say so fierce!There are so many people who have giving birth to dolls in pregnancy!

Preparation of pregnant female B

The cats on my room are very clean, there are no bacteria, insects!

Pregnant woman C’s husband

The dogs who have raised so many years are willing to give away. As long as you pay attention to your life during pregnancy, raising dogs must not affect the baby!


Indeed, will it affect the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses on the health of pets. It is really not simply "yes" or "no".

On the one hand, our doctor has indeed encountered pregnant women who have been infected with bowlgins in the infection clinic. On the other hand, there are indeed many cats and dogs who have a healthy baby.

In fact, for the controversy of pets during pregnancy, the focus is on the "bow -shaped worm" on pets. Today, Professor Chen Jianping, Director of the Department of Pathology, the Department of Pathology of Huaxi Basic Medicine and Forensic Medicine of Sichuan University, Dr. Yan Libo, the Infectious Disease Center of Huaxi Hospital.Let’s talk about whether this bowworm is very powerful. Can you raise a cat and dog?


01 Toxoplasma is a kind of original worm in cell parasitic

The so -called raw worm is a single -cell biological, structure and evolutionary degree than bacteria are more advanced and complex.Because people are parasitic on the head of the cells, they must not be seen by the naked eye.

Gow -shaped worms are small, but they are powerful. It is a pathogen that is a parasitic disease that people and animals can be infected with parasitic diseases.Insect disease.

According to the current statistics, the average of about 1/3 of people around the world has infected toxoplasma!

install?You said it is impossible?

I know that you do n’t believe it, do n’t panic first, wait until you finish watching the following!

02 Gow -shaped worm is like this

In the process of development, the toxoplasma worms have seven forms: nourishing bodies (quick colonials/centered sons), cysts, fake cymbals, pipanosa, piping, phenomena, and oval sacs.

I know that most people have never seen the bow -shaped worms look like. You can feel the picture under the microscope.

This is the ovaries of the bowworm

Contains 2 spore sacs, contains 4 subbloids

This is the bag of the bowworm

Inner converter

This is a Toxoplasma fake bag

(Inner speed colonial)

In fact, the parasitic of the toxoplasma has nuclear cells

03 Toxoplasma worms like to stay in these places

As a parasite, toxoplasma is preferred to stay on cats and cats, dogs, cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals, as well as human body, especially the relationship with cats, which is definitely not plastic friendship.


01 "Over -Host" vs "Middle Owner"

To make it clear that the bowworm is contagious, let’s explain the two concepts first- "the end of the host" and the "middle host".


Cats and cats are the host of the bowworm.

After the cat eats the mature bow -shaped hormone, bag or fake bag into the belly, the bowworm will complete the subsequent development and reproduction process in its intestine.The pocket will be discharged with the cat’s puppet.

Cats infected by Toxoplasma can be discharged from 20 million bow -shaped oviscases every day for 10 to 20 days (my God, this reproductive combat power …), and these bow -shaped hormones are contagious.


"Doctor, isn’t there a saying that only the first time the cats who were infected with the toxoplasma worm were pulled out of the croaks of the bowworm, would it be contagious?"

Answer: NONONO!The oval sac is not finished in a few days. The cats are rolling. It is also born in the cat’s belly.Come out.

Intermediate host

Human, dogs, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats and cats are the middle hosts of Toxoplasma.

These middle -owned hosts such as people and dogs ate the bags (colonials) and fake bags (quick colonials) or cats in cats in animal meat.The development and breeding of the intestinal mucosa spread to the whole body with the blood or lymph, and can also be parasitic in any nuclear cells such as the brain, heart, lung, lymph nodes, etc., and then continue to grow up and reproduce.

But since others are called middle hosts, there is a difference from the end of the host–

the difference

Gow -shaped worms can only be asexual reproduction in the middle -lodging main body, and cannot spread its offspring to the outside world. For example, the dogs that are infected with the toxoplasma worms are pulled, and there are no Toxoplasma oval sacs.

But it is not that the middle host is very safe. They will spread toxoplasma, but they are just a bit special.For example, if a person eats raw dog meat or half a life of dog meat infected with a bowworgle, it may be possible. Of course, this possibility is relatively small. After all, it is difficult to have a taste that it is enough to eat dog meat!

(Good obedient, you can’t eat dog meat raw, it’s not good to eat ducks!)

02 -person bow -shaped worms

For people, the transmission pathway of Toxoplasma is divided into congenital transmission and acquisition.

Congenital propagation: After the mother is acute infection during pregnancy, about 30%to 46%of the worms can be passed to the fetus through the placenta, causing congenital bow -shaped insect disease;

Get sexual communication: mainly because of eating foods or water with a bow -shaped worm bag through the digestive tract, or eaten raw meat with pockets (centered) and fake bags (quick colonials), or no disinfection of disinfectionMilk, eggs or long -term contact with raw meat are prone to infection of Toxoplasma.

To put it more straightforward, the transmission of the toxoplasma worm between people and people can only spread through maternal and infants; infection of Toxoplasma insects is more because people eat their own belly, such as cats with bow -shaped worms.Wash it and eat, or eat raw meat containing bow -shaped worms, milk without disinfection, and so on.

03 Who is vulnerable to Toxoplasma?


Regardless of whether it is divided into men, women, children, and old, heated, fat and thin, all equal!


Many people do not believe that experts in the world have been infected with bowworms. This is not blame for you, because many people have no symptoms when they are infected.

For those with normal immune function, after the infection of the toxoplasma, most of them have no obvious symptoms, and they will not cause serious consequences.

For people with low immune function, the infection of Toxoplasma is not so relaxed. Gow -shaped worms can invade various organs of the human body and cause corresponding serious clinical manifestations, such as Toxoplasma encephalopathy, Toxoplasma eye disease, Toxoplasma liver disease, toxoplasma myocardium myocardium myocardiumPericarditis, Toxoplasma pneumonia, etc.Children may show a central nervous system damage manifestation, and adults may experience retinal choroiditis.


"Doctor, then people with normal immune function are infected with bow -shaped worms, no matter it?"

Answer: Well, there is no ideal medicine for treatment yet. If symptoms occur, you should use symptoms. If you do n’t have symptoms, eh … After a while … you have forgotten it for some time.


After so many preparations, I finally talk about the problems of your most concerned about pregnant women and bowworms!


The effect of infection of Toxoplasma on pregnant women

Unlike ordinary healthy people, once a pregnant woman is infected with a bow -shaped worm, the impact will be greater:

After the infection of Toxoplasma infection in the early pregnancy, a few may occur, premature birth, death, or deformity. Infection infection of Toxoplasma worms in the middle and late pregnancy can cause lesions or deformities in the brain, eye, liver, heart, and lungs after the fetus occurs.


Does the infection of Toxoplasma affect the fetus?

no!It depends on whether the pregnant woman is infected with a hormone.

If a woman is infected with a bowworm for the first time during pregnancy or near pregnancy, it will have the impact on the fetus.

If a woman has been infected before pregnancy, there is no big problem.People who have been infected with bowworms will form immunity in their bodies and can protect the fetus from infection during pregnancy.

The principle of the panda mother’s baby’s caregiver is

Pay the baby in one hand and make the honey


How do you know if you have been infected with a hormone?

This is very simple. It is recommended to see the infection of Toxoplasma in the TORCH test during pregnancy.If you are pregnant with a baby, especially those who have cats at home, it is also recommended to do it.

This test usually detects two indicators: Toxoplasma IgG and IGM.When the Torch detection is positive or IgM and IgG at the same time, you need to find a specialist to help.


What should pregnant women be infected with the infection of Toxoplasma?

For the antibody in the body, pregnant women who are diagnosed with the first infection of Toxoplasma should be used to go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

When pregnancy is less than 18 weeks, the pregnant mother has infected with a bowworm but the fetus has not been infected. It can be treated with spiomycin until giving birth. The main purpose is to prevent the toxoplasma from spreading through the placenta and baby.

And if the pregnancy is greater than 18 weeks, or the diagnosis of fetal infection, you need to change a treatment method (specific to the doctor), the purpose is to reduce the severity of the disease.

During this period, we must pay close attention to the physical condition of the fetus and mother, and beware of emergency situations.


Q1: Regularly removing cats and dogs, is it useful for preventing hormone infections?

Answer: It must be useful. It is recommended that cats and dogs raised should be deworming regularly.

Q2: If there are fleas on cats and dogs, will it affect people, especially pregnant women?

Answer: It must have an impact. Flea must be blood -sucking, and it will also spread a lot of diseases, and the toxoplasma can also be spread.

Q3: Is there any vaccine or medication that can be injected currently to prevent infection of toxoplasma?

Answer: At present, the study of Toxoplasma vaccine is still in the animal experiment and has no mature, listed toxoplasma vaccine.


Having said so much, some lazy people still want to read the answer. Whether they can raise cats and dogs during pregnancy.

Suggestion of Chinese experts

For dogs

I really don’t worry that even if the dog is infected with a bow -shaped worm, people are not the ultimate host, and the bow -shaped hormetal cannot be discharged at all.As long as you don’t think of eating dog meat, there is no problem.

For cats

If you have been raising before you are pregnant, and preventing and deworming are better, your cat is a fat house and does not love to go out, and you will not give birth to others. Try not to contact cat dung during pregnancy.On the basis of it, I usually just touch the RUA, and the problem is not big.

But on the premise of insurance, experts still recommend doing a TORCH test. For the body in the body, it is preferably diagnosed with pregnant women who are infected with Toxoplasma.


Gow -shaped worms are afraid of high temperatures, and they will be killed when they exceed 75 ° C. So pay attention to the way of raising cats, maintain good hygiene habits, and want to stay away from Toxoplasma, you should also pay attention to unsatisfactory foods.

Cherish you at the end of the last peace with cats and dogs, let

After all, when the enemies in your stomach come out,

Then you know that you will not lose your temper,

Don’t scream anytime, anywhere,

Do not let you get up in the middle of the night to breastfeed,

How cute the cats and dogs are your one -handed soup.


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(The author of this article is Professor Chen Jianping, Director of the Department of Pathmology of Huaxi Basic Medicine and Forensic College of Sichuan University, Dr. Yan Libo, Dr. Yan Libo, the Infectious Disease Center of Huaxi Hospital, some pictures are based on the Internet)

Source: "Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital" WeChat public account

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