What should I do if I am pregnant?

The blood of pregnant women is easy to heat, and because the growth of the baby’s growth will increase accordingly, hormone secretion will change, so it is easy to have acne on the face.Generally, acne will disappear automatically after giving birth.What should I do with acne on the face of pregnant women?

Different facial ministers have different acne reactions:

1. Acne on the forehead: It shows that there is a lot of pressure in the near future, and there are problems with heart fire and blood circulation.The liver cannot work normally and has accumulated toxins.You should go to bed early and get up early, keep a regular schedule, drink more water, and let your body detox normally.

2. Poor nasal acne: It means that the stomach is too strong, and the digestive system is abnormal.If it is acne on both sides of the nose, it means that there may be problems with ovarian or reproductive systems.Eat less cold food, keep three meals normal, diet, and balance nutrition.But abstain from abstinence or indulgence, and breathe fresh air outside.

3, acne on the right cheek: lung infection inflammation and abnormal lung function.This happens when many people catch a cold.At this time, try to avoid mango, seafood and other allergic foods.

4. Acne on the left cheek: The liver function is not smooth or the hematopoietic problems are needed, and detoxification needs to be performed.You should pay attention to the normal work and rest, keep your mood happily, blow the cool wind outside, and do not be in a sultry environment for a long time.

5. Acne around the lips: eat too much fried, spicy food or constipation, or use toothpaste with high fluorine content.Eat less fried and spicy foods, eat more high -fiber fruits and fruits, and avoid using toothpaste with high fluoride.Essence

In general, it is best to use acne for pregnant women: pregnant women are suitable for eating cool foods, and can eat some fresh fruits and green vegetables and crude fiber foods. They not only replenish water, but also have water locking effects.For example: apples, celery, watermelon, millet, corn, etc.In terms of meat, it is best to eat fish and red meat, fish soup, bone soup, soy milk, calcium tablets should also be eaten.Remember that it is best not to eat greasy, easy to get angry, such as lychee and longan.In this way, it can be both skin care and supplementing the required nutrition.

Caffeine -containing beverages and foods, spicy foods, such as pepper, pepper, pepper and other condiments, these are all things that cannot be eaten!In addition, there are sugar and monosodium glutamate. The metabolism of sugar in the human body will consume a lot of calcium. Too many monosodaea can affect the absorption of zinc, which is not conducive to the development of the fetal nervous system.

Three more than two taboos of acne diet

One more: Eat more zinc -containing calcium -containing food.Corn, soybeans, lentils, mushrooms, radishes, liver, nuts, scallops, etc.Milk is the preferred calcium supplement food.

Two: Eat more foods with more vitamins.

Pay special attention to supplement vitamin A. Eat more lettuce, spinach, mango, apricot, animal liver, cod liver oil, but also add more vitamin E, eat more nuts, soybean oil and fungus algae, such as Herchiae, fungus, etc.There are also vitamin B2 and B6, and the green vegetables and fish in the above are rich in vitamin B2, B6.

Three: Eat more crude fiber food.Coarse grains, whole wheat bread soybeans, bamboo shoots, etc.

One taboo: avoid fatty and thick taste.

Second taboo: avoid spicy and warm.

Is pregnant women acne for a long time or even acne during pregnancy? The answer is no. As long as some aspects of life are done, acne will disappear.

The following points are suggestions for preventing acne skin care during pregnancy:

1. Poisiric women need to keep the face and the whole body clean.Wash your face with a cleaning agent suitable for your skin.When washing your face, gently massage the affected area to open the pores.

2. Do not squeeze acne, avoid secondary infection caused by bacteria on your hands, leave acne marks, etc.

3. Keep your mood happily and sufficient sleep.The greater the pressure, the more acne.

4. Bring the medicines and care products used to the dermatologist to make the doctor judge whether it is related to acne. Some medicines will also make acne on the face.

5. For the fetus, do not use the medicine at will. It is best not to use functional skin care products or antibiotics.

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