What should I do if I accidentally get pregnant during diet pills?Women of childbearing age are alert to these drugs!

Weight loss, one of the most concerned topics, seems to have experienced weight loss experience.Whether it is obese, beautiful people, or even "girly girls" with less than a hundred pounds, they shouted to lose weight.

While shouting "Burning my calories", I couldn’t give up fried chicken, cake and milk tea. The weight loss road was very difficult.As a result, many people began to choose drugs to lose weight. Seeing the various "weight loss medicines" that fired on the Internet, they also let the weight -loss people buy an experience without taking care of them.

However, for many women of childbearing age, there are many hidden dangers to take weight loss pills to lose weight. I often hear the anxiety of expectant mothers in the medication consulting center, "I have been taking weight loss pills, but I found that I was pregnant a few days ago.Does the drug affect the child? "

On this day, another Bao Ma consulted similar questions, but her medication was a bit special-a compound weight loss pill from abroad, which was used to see, there were 7-8 drugs.Unexpected pregnancy made her very anxious. Can this baby either?Don’t worry, listen to the pharmacist to explain in detail for you.

"All or Nothing" in the early pregnancy

First, to understand the principle of impact on the fetus during pregnancy.Early pregnancy is an important period for the development of various organs, which is more sensitive to some risk factors (drugs, external environments, etc.).Within the formation of fertilized eggs to bed, the use of drugs follows the principle of "full or no". In short, it is simply: either the use of drugs will cause abortion, or the drug has a small impact on the fetus and does not affect the normal development of the embryo.

Therefore, if you take medicine during this period, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go naturally, pay attention to rest, and pay attention to whether there are signs of miscarriage.

And this prospective mother who came to consult, calculated that after the same room, continued to take 3-4 weeks of drugs, beyond the period of "all or no", and according to the effect of specific drugs on the fetus, it was specific to the fetusAn important component explain to you.Several important ingredients in "Internet celebrity" weight loss pills

The main ingredients contained in this compound drug are sinite hydrochloride, which is a appetite inhibitory drug. It has the effect of stimulating the central nervous system and increasing blood pressure. It has not been listed in my country.

Finding’s use of data during pregnancy is limited, and animal or human studies have shown that drugs may increase the risk of fetal abnormalities. Therefore, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a pregnancy grades of Finteming as X, listed as a disabled for pregnant women.

It should be emphasized that the weight loss itself has no potential benefits to the pregnant woman itself, and it may affect the development of the fetus.

Another main ingredient is antidepressant, Frein, mainly inhibiting the re-intake of the central nervous nervous nerve, which can treat neuroplasites.There are adverse reactions such as headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, allergies.

Frein and its metabolites can pass the placenta. For pregnant women with depression, medication should be taken carefully according to their own conditions.When discontinued, it is also necessary to gradually reduce the dose to avoid removal of drug syndrome.

Everyone is no stranger to this medicine. The common name is "stable". It is a common sleeping pill. The FDA pregnancy level is D.

Di Xiyu can pass the placenta barrier. Taking land during pregnancy may increase the risk of congenital malformations and affect the development of the fetus. Drugs in the third trimester may affect the central nervous nervous activity of the fetus.Long -term use may have drug dependence.

If you have severe insomnia during pregnancy or you need to ensure sufficient sleep (such as patients with pregnancy hypertension), you can consider taking it after consulting a professional physician weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

Bigsharine is a laxative, which is mainly used for treating constipation, including urgency, chronic constipation and habitual constipation.Popularity medicine is also a common ingredient in weight loss pills.

However, binosidine is not a commonly used drug for treating constipation during pregnancy. It is used very little clinically, so the impact of drugs on pregnant women and fetuses is not clear.

The drug instructions indicate that taking this drug puppet can cause obvious abdominal colic, and patients with acute abdomen or inflammatory bowel disease are not recommended.Taking pregnant women may cause intestinal spasm. Some domestic drug instructions are marked with women during pregnancy to disable this drug, so it is not recommended for pregnancy.How to judge weighing medicine?

A quasi -mother asked, "It is mentioned above to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, how can we judge the weighing?"

In fact, the impact of many drugs on the fetus is not absolute, and the restrictions of the special group of pregnant women can only evaluate the risk of risk based on limited research and clinical experience, and cannot give a clear answer.The significance of weighing the advantages and disadvantages is to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of medication during pregnancy, that is, whether the disease needs and the effect of drugs on the fetus.When the condition is needed (such as epilepsy and depression before pregnancy), take it.

The prospective mothers in this article are accidentally pregnant when taking a weight loss medicine containing a variety of ingredients. They are not treated with the need to treat the medication due to the need.

It can be seen that although the net red weight loss pills are so popular and the crowd is so wide, it also needs to take it with caution.As long as the medicine may cause adverse reactions, there are many hidden dangers to buy online.It is necessary to be sophisticated whether such a variety of drugs in this article are mixed at the same time.

Before taking the medicine, you should read the drug manual carefully and do not take it at will.In particular, for women of childbearing age, the drug components that should be relatively safe during the pregnancy should be selected, so as not to be really unexpected and caught off guard.

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