What should I do if I accidentally get pregnant?

What should I do when you tested in the bathroom with mile test paper in the bathroom uneasily?what to do?Whether you are full of joy or fear, worry, or overwhelmed, no matter what the situation is, you must readily accept the facts, because no matter what kind of miscarriage, it hurts women very much, so I accept and do my psychology.Prepare, accept a series of changes to your life: the body’s bulky and inconvenience in action, but at the same time, it will also bring a sense of happiness.Then you need to adjust your lifestyle appropriately.

1. Do a good job of expenditure budget.If your wealth is not good, and now you have to prepare for the expenses such as the subsequent checkup and nurturing your baby. You can probably estimate the cost required for one year, or you can deposit a part of the money every month, so as to do it.

2. Dowry bad living habits.The work and rest should be regular. It is best to go to bed early and get up early, and stay up late, (you need to ensure about 8 hours of sleep time every day); the diet should be balanced and regular, eat on time, and try not to eat as much as possible.Because most expectant mothers are healthy, you only need to properly supplement some food and nutrition required for pregnancy), eat less cold drinks; beware of the radiation source in the heart, such as playing with a moderate amount of mobile phones, when necessary, if necessary, it is necessary.You can wear radiation protection uniforms.

3. Pay attention to safety.It is relatively unsafe for 12 weeks from pregnancy to pregnancy. At this time, it is easy to abortion, so pay special attention.For example, exercise should vary from person to person, and do more slow aerobic exercise to avoid severe exercise. You can slowly take fresh air outdoors outdoors.

4. Adjust your emotions.Do things that make you feel happy during pregnancy. If you communicate with good friends, do n’t feel sullen in your heart when you encounter things. Instead, you must communicate with the prospective father in time to vent your bad emotions in time.

5. If it is a workplace mother, you still need to pick an appropriate opportunity to tell your boss and you are pregnant in order to lead the leadership arrangement.

Finally, I wish every expectant mother can pass the early pregnancy and like to help you.

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