What should I do during pregnancy?What tooth health measures should be taken?

In life, I believe that everyone has experienced toothache. When toothache, you can take some drug treatment measures to achieve the effect of relieving toothache. However, if you have toothache during pregnancy, you should be careful not to abuse drug treatment.Let’s take a look at the measures of toothache during pregnancy.

So what should I do during pregnancy?

The symptoms of toothache during pregnancy are based on the condition to decide whether to treat. If it is slight toothache symptoms, the method of dietary therapy can be used to relieve toothache.Symptoms, you should also drink plenty of water and pay more attention to rest.However, the symptoms of toothache for a long time should be treated.During the treatment, the harm brought by treatment should be reduced as much as possible, and the correct treatment should be performed in a regular hospital.Doctors will choose the treatment method suitable for pregnant women according to the condition. Do not blindly take your own medication and abuse antibiotic drugs to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

So how should you take your care measures during pregnancy?

Health care measures 1. Pay attention to oral care

During pregnancy, we must develop good hygiene habits. We must insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening and rinsing your mouth after meals. At the same time, you must master the correct method of brushing your teeth. It should be kept for three minutes when brushing your teeth.Use dental floss to clean your teeth. If you have symptoms of nausea brushing, you can replace the brand of toothpaste.

Health care measures 2. Pay attention to the protection of teeth

Pay attention to the protection of teeth during pregnancy, to avoid the phenomenon of loosening or even falling off of teeth or trauma. For pregnant women with more calculus, effective measures should be taken in time to remove dental stones.The method of ultrasound cleaning can prevent dental diseases.

Health care measures 3. Healthy diet method

Maintaining a healthy diet in normal times is conducive to the health of the teeth. During pregnancy, you should add more protein and vitamins and calcium. You should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Fish and soy foods and nut foods should eat less spicy and irritating foods, eat less sweets, and eat less snacks such as biscuits.

Women during pregnancy should pay attention to oral health. If there are problems with teeth or oral cavity, they should go to the hospital for examination and corresponding treatment measures in time. Do not ignore the treatment of oral diseases, so as not to bring greater greater greater greater increaseHarm.

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