What should I do?What are the common clinical treatment medicines?

You will encounter various discomfort during pregnancy.Essence

For vomiting, many expectant mothers can say that there is no way to take it.

Some expectant mothers, the state of the whole day is either vomiting or preparing to vomit, the whole person is drowsy and angry.Every day, the symptoms did not show signs of relief.

As a result, when I went to the hospital, the doctor asked about the condition in detail. After reading the blood and urine examination report, the hospital was directly issued.

Diagnosis is a pregnancy drama vomiting. It is recommended to be hospitalized.

How can we be hospitalized?

Early pregnancy pregnancy reaction is the stomach discomfort, acid reflux, qi, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite in the early days of most pregnant women, can not eat in severe cases, and even cause water, electrolyte disorders, heart, liver and kidney dysfunction or dysfunction or occurring or occurring or occurringWernieke’s encephalopathy, sometimes it is necessary to terminate pregnancy.

Most pregnant women have symptoms of nausea in the early stages of pregnancy, and some pregnant women will experience vomiting symptoms at the same time, and a few will develop into pregnancy drama.

The cause of pregnancy drama vomiting is not yet concluded, which may be related to biological factors and psychological factors such as reflex vomiting in pelvic peritoneal mechanical pulling in pelvic peritoneal mechanical pulling mechanical pulling in pelvic peritonea.

1. Pitchloride

It is a more commonly used vomiting drug in clinical practice. It is the 2nd receptor antagonist of the dopamine and has a mild inhibitory effect on the healine 3 receptor.It also has a mild central tuning effect, which mainly acts in the gastrointestinal tract, promoting the gastrointestinal emptiness and the movement of the upper intestine.

2. Arazine

It has strong central suppression, sedation, and vomiting.

It can significantly inhibit the hyperplasia of the intestinal pyromonal cells in stress, reduce adverse reactions, and also inhibit the histamine to play a certain role in mediating tissue damage and pain stimulation.

3. Vitamin B6

Entering the human body can be transformed into coenzymes, participating in the metabolism and transformation of multiple proteins and amino acids in cells to ensure that the functional function of the immune system is normal.

4. Multi -dimensional element tablets

It is used to prevent and treat various diseases caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals.

Due to vomiting and eating less, energy supply has been reduced to lack of nutrients in pregnant women.

In addition to sugar, fat, protein, and vitamin deficiency, more importantly, the lack of mineral elements and various trace elements, which are easy to call an electrode balance.

Both vitamins and minerals are essential substances for maintaining normal metabolism and physical health.

The two are important ingredients that constitute a variety of coenzymes and hormones. When they are lacking, they can lead to metabolic disorders and cause a variety of diseases.

Does it mean that the fetus is unhealthy without early pregnancy?

No, not everyone has to experience during pregnancy discomfort, let alone rely on this to determine whether it is normal for pregnancy.For example, 3/4 people will be nauseous and vomiting early, but the other 1/4 is normal without nausea and vomiting. It can only be said that they are better luck and are not uncomfortable.

For pregnant women, there is no need to pass on the problem of excessive tangling early pregnancy reactions, and the birth check -up on time.

In the end, Xiaokang wishes everyone good health!

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